PicoBong’s Transformer – The All-Inclusive Sex Toy

November 12, 2014
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PicoBong’s Transformer - The All-Inclusive Sex Toy

For years sex toys have mainly targeted women, from vibrators to dildos to little eggs that can slip into the vagina and give pleasure for hours. In more recent years sex toy manufacturers have started to include men and couples into a fold (no pun intended – Ed) that was once dominated by women.

Each toy had it’s own use, and thus all toys remained separate. That is until the good people at PicoBong decided that they needed to create a toy so versatile and so inclusive, that it would become the one toy to rule them all.

Which is why today PicoBong, who you can follow on Twitter, launches TRANSFORMER, an apt name in the face of what this baby can do. In fact according to PicoBong, the many ways one can use the Transformer is limited only by your imagination.

It’s also the first ever truly inclusive sex toy. That’s right, Transformer is a toy that plays nice with every person of any sexual orientation – just check out PicoBong’s Transformer manifesto on their website to see the great philosophy that lies behind this innovation! So if you’re girl on boy (or vice versa), girl on girl, boy on boy, boy and girl on girl, boy who is girl on girl who is boy, or any variation you can think of, just add some kinky imagination (or not, keep it vanilla… whatevs) and have some fun.

PicoBong’s Transformer - The All-Inclusive Sex Toy

“A sex toy that isn’t just a sex toy. It’s a sexual revolution, the vibrating underground.”

The point isn’t to make things kinky, the point is to embrace your sexuality, whatever it might or might not be. So unlike the one ring to rule them all, Transformer wants you to bust through the current limited view on sexuality and explore – guiltlessly and with a lot of pleasure.

Intrigued? Damn straight!


What exactly is the Transformer? According to their website, where can also find your brand new favorite toy, it’s a combination of a rabbit vibe, a clitoral massager, a cock-ring, a G-spot vibe, a prostate massage and more. Uhm… ok, I’m ready for my Transformer!

I’ll be reviewing the Transformer for your pleasure (sorry, MY pleasure) here at BaDoink. Check back for a full low down on how this baby handles. You can bet I’ll be riding it hard.

Stay tuned for BaDoink’s 12 Days of Thanksgiving. Pleasure has never been this tasty…

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