Niche Dating Websites – Part 3

April 18, 2015
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Niche Dating Websites - Part 3

Come on, you didn’t think we were done, did you?

If you’ve been reading our Niche Dating Websites series, you might already be familiar with a few more places where specifics matter. They say there’s someone out there for everyone, and if that’s true, narrowing those search parameters might get better results. So why not go for what you truly want.

Make sure you check out Part 1 and Part 2, but if the answer isn’t there, a new batch of options may be here to help you…

Can Do Better

Has someone ever told you that you could be “doing better” than the current partner you’re dating? This site allows couples who believe they can find a better-looking partner both to be rated and to immediately connect to other users in order to find a more suitable match (at least superficially talking).

Because outsourcing your romantic life to mean strangers on the Internet is obviously the best way to find love, this foolproof method will get rid of all that annoying self-esteem you’ve been trying to build over the years, and help you (or your hotter soon-to-be-ex?) find a more suitable douche.

Date a Little

If you’re a little person, dating can’t be easy, which is why a dating site for this particular niche is a huge help and a move in the right direction.

But even if you aren’t a little person, it doesn’t mean you wouldn’t want to be with one. And let’s face it, they’re not as easy to find as you’d hope.

Maybe Peter Dinklage’s excellent performance on Game of Thrones has sparked a curiosity that wasn’t there before. It could be the fun size, or the fact that their smaller hands make your body parts look bigger, or the simplicity of throwing someone around a bit. Whatever the reason, if you ever wanted to date a little person, Date a Little is self-described as “the most popular dwarf dating site on the net.”


For some of us, all interactions with fictional anthropomorphic animal characters with human personalities are usually left behind in childhood. If we do meet any, that experience is probably reserved for theme park employees or sports team mascots, who are bravely trooping it out underneath an uncomfortably hot costume.

But for people who are into furries, this is a lifestyle. And what if Anthrocon is months away and you’re in need of some sweet furry love ASAP? Well, you just might meet the right person (person-ish?) on Pounced!

The site was “built by furs for furs”, so you know you’re in non-judgmental hands. Allow yourself to be weird and don’t sweat it — unless you’re the one inside the costume, of course.

Gothic Match

Finally, a dating site where you don’t have to turn that frown upside down in the pictures! Your pasty yet dark look, monotonic musical preferences and pouty quiet shrugs have found a home where they’re actually encouraged.

Gothic Match has been bringing awkward men and women together for many years, and it’s still the largest social networking site for the goth community.

Date a Golfer

If your life revolves around golf, you’re either taking a shot at the PGA Tour, or you have a lot of free time on your hands.

For those enjoying that lovely leisurely lifestyle, finding someone with the available hours to share it with you may not be as easy. So why not skip all those annoying envious people that don’t understand your passion for the game and commit to only dating golfers?

Additionally, the site can be helpful if your dream was to always wear plaid pants on dates, yet appropriateness always held you back.

Also, look at it this way, even if you don’t meet your future loving spouse here, you still might find the best damn caddy the Internet can provide.

Millionaire Match

You know how sometimes millionaires complain about their potential love interests only caring about the money and failing to see the real person behind all the dough, the appearances, the expensive lifestyle and the perks of financial security?

Well, this is probably not for them.

On the other hand, if you’re a millionaire and would like to rub your cash in someone’s face (I mean this figuratively, but I’m sure the actual thing can be arranged, as well), putting all your cards on the table and hopefully finding a fellow rich person who’s not there to bleed you dry, but to enjoy the pricey things you’re both accustomed to, things just got even a little more practical.

Sober and Single

One of the most difficult things about going sober is realizing how big a part alcohol plays in most common socializing scenarios. Drinks are very common in any hangout that involves spending time with people.

Also, if you’re out with someone for the first time and your date suggests getting a bottle of wine, there’s always that awkward moment when you reveal you’re sober, which might lead to some uncomfortable questions (or even worse, assumptions) about your past and the reason you quit drinking.

This site helps you find other people who won’t be drinking or enabling you, regardless of your reason to remain sober.


Dating has to be hard if you’re always up in the air. You may have a home somewhere, but if you’re a pilot or flight attendant, you basically live in an airplane. You’re constantly shifting through time zones, dealing with TSA procedures and having a tough time finding people who understand your lifestyle.

Crewdating takes care of that and puts you in touch with other singles who are flying and won’t get all butthurt about you having to leave again in the morning; they get it. In the company’s own words: “Never fly solo again.”

It sounds particularly fun for lengthy layovers.

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