Niche Dating Websites – Part 1

March 28, 2015
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Niche Dating Websites - Part 1

Online dating services are booming, and it seems like there’s a whole new approach to it every week. People used to be a little ashamed of it years ago, but by now it’s become a fairly normal way to meet a potential match.

There are the big and more generic sites, like or There are the trendy and more immediate, first impression-based ones like Tinder; or the more profile-oriented like OK Cupid. But behind all of these matchmaking giants, a seemingly never ending array of niche dating websites have emerged. There’s one for everybody — and we mean everybody.

This is part 1 of a series that will be documenting many dating websites that are a little (or a lot!) more specific. Uniqueness is important; people want what they want and — just like in the real world — there are plenty of options to pick from. Someone’s busy schedule might not allow him or her to explore their options as much as they could. So for those who want the specific; we’ll give you specific! Here’s the first batch, guys; maybe one of them will fit your own needs.

Gluten-free Singles

Are you tired of feeling judged on dinner dates when you communicate your gluten allergy/intolerance/paranoia?

Maybe you have celiac disease; or maybe Hollywood convinced you that eating gluten is terrible for you; or maybe you’re just an annoying person. Regardless of the reason, this website will hopefully ease those awkward moments when the menu arrives.

Women Behind Bars

Not to be confused with any sexploitation movie title, Women Behind Bars brings the inmates straight to your inbox.

Maybe you like bad girls; there’s nothing wrong with that. Perhaps you’re a little insecure and want to make sure your woman’s not messing around with other guys. Or maybe the promise of a conjugal visit is a dream scenario that you’re very excited about.

Hey, it worked for George Costanza (at least until she got out); it might work for you, too.

Amish Dating

Within a whole culture that mostly rejects technology, having a dating app sounds a little confusing and counterintuitive, but who are we to deny love to hardworking Amish people?

If you’re a dude who is mainly wanting to hook up with someone and you’re eyeing a difficult challenge to get yourself some Amish pussy, it’s not only wrong, but very unlikely to work. Having said that, good luck on your new wardrobe and facial hair choices.

Sea Captain Date

It is every little girl’s dream to find a proper Sea Captain to marry.


Well, in case there’s someone out there, “Sea Captain Date is the only place for Sea Captains to connect with men and women who share a love of the ocean.”

Either a Sea Captain started this site, or someone with a relatively unhealthy obsession with them, but we’re not here to judge. Besides, it does get lonely out there in the ocean.

Waiting Till Marriage

We all knew someone in high school with a blind faith in celibacy and the idea of waiting until marriage to have sex for the first time. We all assumed college would fix that attitude eventually, but if it somehow didn’t, then this might be the right place for them.

As an interesting bonus — and in a desperate attempt to prove that some cool people have waited — they feature a list of celebrities who have (allegedly) held off on premarital sex.

Ideal for crazy Christians, people with a debilitating fear of intimacy, unreasonable masochists, or closeted gay men in redneck towns in search of a beard-girlfriend.


Because cat lovers don’t have to end up alone with their felines. Sure, the pun in the name is super annoying, but chances are if you’re into cats just as much as the creepy-looking people whose pictures adorn the website, you’ll love Purrsonals.

On the upside, if you’re into touching a stranger’s pussy, this is probably your best bet. And if that is just as rewarding for you as a real human vagina, you probably should stick to Purrsonals anyway.

Farmers Only

“City folks just don’t get it,” claims the slogan of Farmers Only. Perfect for those who are only interested in the great outdoors; farmers, ranchers and all other kinds of very white people.

If you’re wondering where the real country girls are, skip the rodeo and the line dancing; Farmers Only is the place for you to find your other kind-of-subtly racist half.

Darwin Dating

Are you a very attractive person who’s sick of dating sites where everyone is less hot than you? Well, Darwin Dating might help you find other fellow douchebags!

Claiming a scientific “natural selection” approach, the site’s extensive set of rules filters out any fat, saggy, hairy, asymmetrical, non-fashionable, nerdy, pasty or plain different people.

A great platform for entitled jerks to leave the rest of our sites alone.

The Ugly Bug Ball

On the other side of the spectrum, there’s also a site for those who admittedly gave up on the whole “dating someone hot” thing.

If you’re an unattractive person looking for a fellow ugly match with terribly low self-esteem, dating has never been easier, guys! Pressure is off with this one.

They also have a more no-strings-attached sister site, called The Naughty Bug Ball, for those not ready to date an unattractive person, but willing to fuck them anyway.

Trek Passions

If you are an obsessive Star Trek fan, chances are dating hasn’t been your most successful area in life. But it doesn’t have to stay that way!

Sure, you’re probably a little less shy while you’re wearing a costume, but why wait till the next sci-fi convention to meet that special someone?

Quit stalling, dude; nerd it out! You, too, can live long and prosper.

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