More DIY Sex Toys – And We REALLY Mean DIY!

March 9, 2015
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More DIY Sex Toys – And We REALLY Mean DIY!

Inspired by 50 Shades of Grey I’ve decided to up my DIY sex toy game! The last time I decided to DIY, I went the way of the freebie. Using household items to create sex toys that were hot and workable and free! This time the concept is the same, but perhaps I might spend a little money to buy some cheap items to create toys that are a little more creative.

Either way, strap on tight (geddit?) everyone! It’s time for BaDoink’s second DIY Sex Toy Challenge! I want to go the way of kink a little more than just recreating the usual vibrator or dildo made out of vegetables. I’ve put on my best crafting-glove and I’ve got my creator hat on. So let’s get going!


Before we begin, I just wanna say be careful with inserting anything inside you. Be it in your vagina or up your anus. The anus especially is very sensitive and shoving things inside without proper lubrication can cause cuts and bleeding, not to mention hurt like hell. So be careful and always make sure you have a way to get anything you put inside you out – or you’ll risk a trip to the emergency room!

Anal Beads

You’ll need:

Glass beads of different sizes (make sure they have holes to run a thread through)

String (strong and thick but not so thick it can’t fit inside the beads)

A keychain loop

I’ve heard some people suggest using Mardi Gras beads because they come in many different sizes, but to be honest, those beads look like the outer coating might just peel off inside your ass and I don’t want that. I saw some glass beads at the craft store and decided to use those instead. Sure, they’re not as big but that just strikes me as a safer alternative. I got some in oblong and round shapes and without color (or at least without painted designs on them). After each bead, I knotted the string just like they do when making a mala to keep the beads in place. It also makes the whole thing stronger. Make sure you keep a long tail to pull the beads out. I actually tied the tail end to a keychain loop for easy pulling. Always make sure that the knots are tight so nothing gets accidently untangled!

The Verdict:

Sexiness: 9/10

Um… these were pretty efficient! It didn’t look sexy, I mean they were colorful and weirdly shaped, but dang it worked. Pulling it out felt mighty fine (that keychain loop was a great idea!). I’d like to suggest not sharing this, because while the beads are washable, I don’t think the string gets as clean as the beads. So yeah, it doesn’t cost a lot, just make one for each of you!

More DIY Sex Toys – And We REALLY Mean DIY!

Ball Gag

You’ll need:

Small rubber ball (solid not hollow)

Big needle

Strong thick thread


Things are heating up in here! I’ve always wanted to make this and had tried before with a ping-pong ball. It’s a whole lot easier to pierce but it’s much too soft and crumples at the slightest sign of pressure. So I got one of those small rubber balls – the kind that comes out of gumball machines. I didn’t want anything too big; you’ll be surprised how small your mouth actually is! Hah! Anyway, using a large threaded needle (the kind they use for sewing curtains and such) I pierced a hole through the ball. It takes a little bit of effort and I ended up using the floor to get the needle all the way through. Once out on the other side, I tied the thread to the end of a scarf or handkerchief. This way you have two soft cloths around your face instead of a thin thread cutting into you.

The Verdict:

Sexiness: 6/10

Ok, I did not like the rubbery taste at all. So make sure you really clean the ball before using it. Not that it’ll help that much. I am totally on the lookout for other types of rubber balls that perhaps won’t have that much aftertaste (maybe wrap a condom around this one for now or something?). However, it did work! The scarf needs to be tightly knotted or else it keeps getting slack but still not bad at all!

Butt Plug

You’ll need:



Small pen or pencil

Alright, this isn’t really a butt plug, but just an experiment. And it goes in your butt, so it’s butt plug-ish. The idea is to fill a condom with water – not too much that it loses it’s shape but enough to make it balloon a little. Tie the open end around the middle of a pen or pencil. Sit the condom with water inside a tall glass (the pen/pencil will prevent the condom from dropping into the glass) and freeze it! When it’s frozen solid take out, rub a lot of lube on and use!

The Verdict:

Sexiness: 4/10

As experiments go, this one wasn’t great. The condom froze okay, the shape was roundish (I was hoping for longish), but it was really COLD! Also, it doesn’t take long for the ice to melt inside you. So while it did get inside me, it was more of a laugh-out-loud situation where I’m thinking, “I just stuffed a frozen condom full of ice up my anus!” Things were never the same again.

At the end of the day, I do believe we gave it a good go and for those of you on the 50 Shades of Grey kick who wanna try some kink but don’t want to splurge on expensive toys, try some of the DIY suggestions below. Just always be safe and careful and remember it’s all in the name of sexy fun! Enjoy! And tell me how it goes (or what toys you’ve created DIY!).

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