Lingerie: A Great Way To Give Thanks

November 16, 2014
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Lingerie: A Great Way To Give Thanks

We’re gearing up for a big food day – Thanksgiving. We don’t want to rush into anything. We have 11 days of pleasure coming at us, let’s not hurt ourselves.

#trust #thinklongterm

So we want to start with our sensual selves. That’s right, I’m talking about lingerie. Lingerie might seem like a woman thing. But really, this is a gift that keeps on giving. She feels awesome and looks stunning and you, well you get to experience this big ball of sexual energy coming at you. Rwarr!

When it comes to buying lingerie for her, it’s important to remember a few simple rules.

Always classy over skanky.

Always sensual over skanky.

Always expensive over skanky cheap.

Basically if you haven’t figured it out already, women don’t like skanky underwear, ahem I mean lingerie. And yes, lingerie can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. HAHA! Who am I kidding? You want some good, sexy, heart pounding nookie? Then make her feel like a million bucks.

There are so many companies offering such beautiful lingerie out there, I know it can be hard to pick one; check out our list of our favorite lingerie brands. Meanwhile, today I’m going talk rave about my new obsession – the Dita Von Teese Collection. You remember Dita right? She’s only the queen of burlesque and all things seductive.

When she speaks, I listen. And I listen intently. And when she releases a lingerie collection, I buy it and wear it in earnest. And boy was I in for a ride. Are you ready for this?

The look in question:

Lingerie: A Great Way To Give Thanks

Have I got your attention yet?

Dita is famous for her 1950s glamour and sensuality, so it comes as no surprise that her lingerie is also inspired by that era. But we aren’t talking about chunky, pointy bras and knickers that come up to your belly button. There are elements of 50s style, but only the best bits.

Madame X

This collection of bra, g-string, and garter belt is part of the Madame X collection and was actually released in summer 2013, but hey, it’s never too late.

The top: Madame X Demi bra ($70)

Word of advice when buying, the bras in this collection are quite erratic in sizing, so it’s best to go up a cup or two. I mean, I have small boobs so seeing my cup size magically go up 2 sizes was quite elating, but you don’t want to get the wrong size for your sweetie (or for yourself if you’re getting it). I got the underwire bra (aka the bra with the wire) because I liked the look of it better. It is shaped like an old-timey bra but with sexy cut outs and lace and satin gently cupping your breast-esses. They were comfy to wear and made me feel super sexy. Honestly, I wanted people to see this bra on me. Not great for clingy tops because then you can see the intricate design through your top. But great for see-through tops!

Unbuckling challenge: Less than 10 seconds. Yes, either my man was having a good day, or these hooks are super easy to open. Either way, you can bet you can get it off her in a few – or you might want to leave it on .

The bottom: Madame X G-string ($40)

The g-string fit to size and looked amazing when worn together with the garter belt and bra. I mean, I didn’t look like Dita no matter how much I pouted and posed, but who can? From the front I thought the strappy, adjustable elastic waistband looked a little weird cuz it contrasted with the lace and satin, but from the back it all came together and the strappy look just popped. I also love how I can adjust the waistband! Hot!

Removing challenge: Who wants to remove this baby! Just leave it on and move it aside when you need to, it’s just so hot to look at!

The middle: Madame X Suspender Garter Belt ($52)

Ok, men don’t understand garter belts until it all comes together. This was exactly the case here. It was the first piece that came off! This garter belt is super sexy and combined with the strappy g-string it just creates a piece that is visually stimulating. And bonus, it lays pretty flat under a tight skirt! Just what you need.

Take it off challenge: Gave up. Ok, I had to remove it in the end. It’s all cool. I just unbuckled the stockings and it was all good.

Sexiness quota: 11/10

To sum it up, this was a purchase that was WORTH IT. So much hotness and you can wear it for ‘daily’ chores too. Plus in total it wasn’t as expensive as some other lingerie in the market. Definitely a gift that both of you will enjoy and keep enjoying.

This article is part of our 12 Days of Thanksgiving series. Be sure to check out our special #CyberSexMonday deals for the best sex toys in the market, starting December 1, 2014. Pleasure has never been this tasty.

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