Japanese Cookbook Teaches You to Cook with Condoms

October 21, 2014
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Japanese Cookbook Teaches You to Cook with Condoms

Condoms have a primary function that everyone is pretty much aware of. Having said that, safe sex is hardly their only possible use. Prophylactics are known to make great balloons — either for balloon animals or for some epic water balloon fights. They’re also a good and cheap way to protect stuff from liquids and keep moisture out of things that should remain dry. Some people can even make fires with them.


Or, apparently, they can be used as the main tool for a series of delicious meals.

A Japanese blogger and a manga writer have co-written a cookbook with dishes specifically designed to be prepared with condoms as the main cooking utensil.

While the title Tsukutte Agetai Condomu Gohan (roughly translated as “Condom Meals I Want to Make for You”) sounds like it could possibly be a revenge cookbook, it’s not. It’s not a joke either. It’s an actual cookbook.

Japanese Cookbook Teaches You to Cook with Condoms

The idea of the book is a noble one: To help raise awareness for safe sex. According to the Japanese site NariNari (paraphrasing on a somewhat confusing Google Translate result), Japanese men are the third worst condom users in the world, and the authors are hoping that by attaching food and sex to recipes that include condoms in its preparation, it would hopefully help normalizing its use among the average population, and have condoms be seen as the everyday item they are.

The perception of condoms in Japan seems to be more directed towards contraception, but according to a research paper published on the Journal of the Japan Medical Association, sexual activity and STDs have drastically increased in Japan since 2000.

The e-book contains 11 different recipes. The obvious Condom Sushi is the most talked about one, but slightly heavier meals like the Condom Meat Stuffing (I’ll give a couple of seconds to do your own puns on that one, then return to read this), or the one that got my attention, the Condom Escargot Cooked with Butter may be interesting, as well. You could finish up with a sweet touch and give yourself some Condom Cookies for dessert.

Be warned that the e-book is only available in Japanese, but it does feature enough pictures to guide you through it.

The book does not include any flavored condom recipe, but I’m guessing that could be an appropriate sequel. I see the overpowering intensity of latex’s aroma as the main problem with this book’s potential.

Whoever has tasted a condom before (ain’t no judgment, you guys!) knows latex has a rather strong taste and smell, so it does make you wonder whether that would hinder your dish. My guess would be yes; but just like during sex, does that have to be a deal breaker on an otherwise enjoyable experience?


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