How Important Is Your Condom Size?

September 10, 2014
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I’ve never been very good at buying condoms. By that I mean I can never tell the difference between the ribbed or flavored or what have you. I usually just pick up any that has nice packaging and be done with it. Even if it says, “Ribbed for her pleasure” I never feel it, so it doesn’t really matter to me. I have tried to make an effort to find thinner condoms so that the guy can feel more, but even then, I never really thought that there was a science to buying condoms. Until I came across Condomsizer – a site that shows you how to find the right condom size for your penis. Condomsizer caters to UK customers, but Condom Size Calculator is aimed at those in the US.

For a long time when I hear a guy saying, “The condom is too tight,” I assume he’s just trying to say his penis is so large the condom doesn’t fit right. Or it’s just a way to get out of wearing protection. A bit of eye rolling usually follows. However, when I think about it, boobs, pants and tops all come is a variety of different sizes, and of course penises do as well. But condom sizes are limited to ‘One size fits all’ or some XL or XXL size (which I assumed guys only bought to impress ladies).

How Important Is Your Condom Size?

When you think about, how crazy is that? How can condoms come in such limited size options when there are literally so many different penis types and sizes? It’s already so hard to get men to wear condoms during sex, it makes it even more difficult if the condom is either squeezing them too tight that they can’t feel much sensation or it is so loose that it keeps sliding off.

Perhaps too if the condom actually fit, men would be more inclined to wear them – of course I’m not speaking of all men. Not all men will refuse to wear a condom… but I’m pretty sure all men don’t necessarily want to wear a condom and would rather go bareback it if the option were there.

However, just like how one finds the right running shoe by measuring the feet and finding a shoe that fits, finding the right condom means one has to measure the penis and match it with the right condom. Sure some people can wear many different types in comfort but if you’re not one of those guys, use websites like Condom Size Calculator or Condomsizer to find a good fit.

The only thing is it’s a little harder to find condoms for those who might have a latex allergy, although, that said, there are more choices on the market now than ever before. Just like buying the right bra means being all the more comfortable, so it is the same too with condoms. And this might encourage people to use them more. What do you think of using condoms?

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