Having a Gas With Eproctophiliacs

April 4, 2015
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Having a Gas With Eproctophiliacs

Derivations of the word “fart” can drag us back thousands of years to the civilizations and societies that provided the foundations for life as we know it today (thanks for that, by the way). Twists and interpretations on the way to vocalize that most embarrassing and amusing act of passing gas have been offered by Middle English, Old High German, old Norse, Slavic and Greek and have transformed into the simple four letter word we know today. As things stand it registers as one the oldest words in the English vocabulary.

Farting is one of the most simple and natural things in the world but it’s not without its complications. Some see it as a sign of rudeness and an inability to be reserved and quaint. Others deign to get the childish stage and find each gust and thunderclap to be quite the comedy routine. If any of you reading this have never laughed at flatulence before then we’ll have to do what Ye Olde Medical Professionals used to love and ‘check your humors’.

Eproctophilia, the arousal of an individual by another person passing gas, may be one of the most misunderstood fetishes on the spectrum. It can be considered an offshoot of Olfactophilia, the sexual attraction to scent and smell, particularly around genitals and other areas of the body considered sexual (i.e. all of it really!). Those who consider themselves eproctophiliacs will be wary of dealing a very negative public perception of the fetish. Some will see them as disgusting. As much as we lament homosexuals being afraid to ‘come out’ to the world, so to must we consider those with particular fetishes who feel isolated and marginalized for being into something unconventional and misunderstood.

As such, the implied embarrassment and shame that such tastes may bring has left eproctophilia out in the cold. The only academic study on the fetish, performed by Professor Mark Griffiths of the UK’s Nottingham Trent University immediately decries the lack of evidence, fact and research into the fetish.

Professor Griffiths’ case study, ‘Brad’, 22, from Chicago, Illinois, appeared to be, as Def Leppard once sang, “an average, ordinary, everyday kid”. Brad is white, a son of divorced parents, has a degree in Fine Arts and doesn’t appear to be in possession of emotional baggage that would ‘explain’ his fetish. Like most other things, it just is. The only thing Brad appeared to be undecided on was his sexual orientation. He considered himself hetero when engaging with people in real life, bi when it came to fetish fantasies but perhaps asexual as he didn’t want to act upon either of those particular feelings at times. Man, it’s almost as if human sexuality is millions of different shades and not just black and white. Crazy notion, huh?

But we ALL know that our man Brad isn’t the only person in the world to enjoy the sound and odor of a fart. Just type the words ‘fart fetish‘ into YouTube and there’s quite a lot of choice. In fact, let’s see what all the fuss is about right now!

After finding a popular and close-knit fart fetish board, Gassy Erotica, I was lucky enough to speak with one fart fetish performer, the wonderful and beautiful Addison Lynne and ‘John’, a 21-year-old Australian student and contributor to the forum and keen eproctophiliac.

“I’ve been doing fart clips for about four years now,” said Addison. “Another model told me about the fetish and I decided to film some clips. I’m a pretty gassy girl anyway since my diet is so healthy. I had a little bit of stage fright at first, but it didn’t take me long to warm up to the fetish and start enjoying myself!”

“I think it’s awesome that people like my clips! I often reach out to them in forums and on other sites to ‘pick their brains’ and get ideas of what they really like, what’s just ok and what I can improve on. I’ve been told that I laugh too much, but come on… sometimes farts are funny! I also find it interesting how many different words I’ve heard and learned to describe the sounds and smells of farts.”

Our man John may have been a better study case for Professor Griffiths. His self-awareness when it comes to his fetish is more than interesting.

“There’s something that’s a real turn-on about a woman’s most private moments, and getting to experience them,” he says. “In a way, it’s the same thrill someone might get seeing up someone’s skirt or down their top; it’s something they’re not meant to get, but get anyway through some slip-up of the woman in question or because they want to please you. Then, of course, reactions are so cute. ‘Scuse mes, dog-blaming, embarrassed silence, proud ownership and laughter can all be adorable. Smell really works for me, too, for reasons I’m less sure of.

“Some people are into this more for a domination aspect, but what I have is sometimes called EFRO (Erotic Female Relieving Observance) and like many people into EFRO, I can enjoy watching women wee-ing, belching, shitting (so long as there’s not too much detail and no unnecessary interaction with the, uh, mess), but farting is definitely my first preference.”

As with most fetishists, we can chalk this one up to early memories. Although to most it will not exactly resonate as much as the story of your first kiss or when you lost your virginity. But hey, it still matters and it’s not worth anything less. You dig? Plus, it’s with a smile-inducing dollop of irony that we realize John’s early tweaks for eproctophilia came about as a result of a porn-blocking filter. Oh, how the mighty hath fallen!

“Two main episodes come to mind. I would’ve been about 12 years old and in my last year of primary school when one of the first girls I was ever attracted to let an awful stomach-turning room-clearing fart in class, the sort of thing you would get less than once a year in terms of stench and that I still remember filling a huge classroom with the smell of bad tuna (how’s that even happen?), and some trick of sexual development had me immensely enjoying it rather than fancying her any less. I gather that this sort of story is pretty common.

“Less common is that my parents had installed a web filter in my early teenage years – I wasn’t looking for anything particularly hardcore, but this thing was one that assessed the page and rather than working off a blacklist or whitelist would shut the entire browser down if it so much as found the word ‘bikini’ too many times on a page, as far as I can tell. Very annoying. One cute woman I managed to find online despite this because, hey, ‘fart’ isn’t going to be in anybody’s list of too-sexy words was Peteuse, one of the most well-known models in this fetish, who at the time was just a particularly flatulent woman with a YouTube page dedicated to documenting that. The rest is history.”

Having a Gas With Eproctophiliacs
Tabloid hysteria very rarely helps communities such as eproctophiliacs

Farting more than likely benefits from being an activity you can do on the move. Hell, there’s nothing like a speed boost when you’re strutting about town and let one rip. It’s versatile and can be adapted to any situation or scenario. It’s why people like Addison keep performing and it’s why people like John keep coming back for more.

“There’s definitely a variety of things you can do with a farting video – simply changing the outfit or setting can make things very different, the company in which the farting’s performed and their reaction (Are you alone? If not, are you farting on somebody’s face, and do they want that or not? Around someone you don’t want to fart around? Having a contest with a friend?), or the patter can really change the scene. Patter’s probably trickiest – scenario-based videos can definitely be killed by poor acting” says John. “I prefer embarrassed (‘Excuse me!’) or neutral (often simply sitting yourself down in front of a camera and letting rip repeatedly) performances to dominant ones, which cater to a side of the fetish more into the disgusting element rather than the special experience of experiencing a woman’s fart.”

Addison is the one who deals with such dizzying variety: “I get 2 different types of request. The first are just simply requests, like can you wear jeans, please wear a dress, fart outside etc. I try to make as many of these as I can, then post them for sale on Clips4Sale and other sites. The other requests end up being what we call custom videos. That’s when they give me a detailed description and sometimes even a script. In these instances the videos cost a bit more, but it can be something that only they have. I have a few collectors that I work with regularly. I’m not comfortable with everything that I’ve been asked to do, but I just decline those ones.”

But how do the two experiences compare and contrast? Is a fart better on film or live, straight from the horse’s… umm… ass? Like anything else, according to John, it’s all the context. Fart porn suffers from the same pitfalls that conventional/popular porn suffers from: the sterile unrealism it must adhere to.

“It’s definitely different – on one hand, a real-life fart is the real deal. There’s smell involved, it’s happening right in front of you, you’re going to remember it. Any reaction or acknowledgement the farter makes is going to directly involve you in a way. It’s also got a real rarity value unless you’ve got a partner willing to fart for you or fart freely around you, and possibly rare even then. It’s certainly what I’d prefer, but can’t be experienced alone at my place and can’t be replayed, so…

“That said, fart porn’s a lot like ordinary porn in that the performances are entirely unrealistic in a way tailored to make it less comfortable for the performers but more arousing for the viewers. Most models for this fetish who stick with it have elaborate and presumably less-than-fun preparation routines and won’t be holding back like most women would in “real life”, and on top of that have digestive systems or bumholes particularly well-tuned in some way for producing long, low-pitched, loud, or otherwise extra-impressive farts, so that’s something. If you watch a video by, say, Addison or Peteuse, you’re going to hear some wind that most people would rarely or ever be able to match, at a frequency most people would never experience.”

As for Addison, as popular as she is in the fart fetish communities, she remains unsure as to where her immediate future lies. Is producing fart porn a long-term game?

“I don’t know how long I’ll continue to do this type of work. Sometime I think I’ll give it up soon, other times I feel like it’s not something I would ever quit. I wouldn’t say that it’s a strange fetish. We’re all different, everybody gets turned on by different things. This is just one of those things. If you take a look around, there are a lot of fetishes that are much more bizarre! My husband thinks it’s gross when I fart! Probably a good thing that I’m getting divorced, right? He understands my work though. Most of my friends are either in the business in one way or another, or they don’t have a clue what I do!”

“I’ve told one sexual partner about my fetish when drunk, and one partner when sober,” John tells us. “Both seemed a little put-off but neither was particularly obviously disgusted. One long-term platonic friend of mine knows about my fetish and finds it cute or amusing – while she does relish being able to make fun of me every now and again, she certainly doesn’t seem disgusted. I wouldn’t say she’s converted (certainly not for me, as she’s not into men) and don’t know if she’s any more or less likely to pass wind around me as it could be a case either of ‘well, if [I’m] into farts, I’m not going to have to hold back anymore’ or ‘if [I’m] into farts, wouldn’t it be a little-awkward if I’m not 100% polite rear-end-wise?’, but definitely not disgusted.”

So… changed your mind? Is it all that bad? Anyway, when it comes to unconventional tastes… well, these guys have you trumped!

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