Clowning Around With The Coulrophiliacs

June 25, 2015
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Clowning Around With The Coulrophiliacs

Clowns are divisive figures. They’re unique in that they draw out distinct and at times polarizing views within even a small range of people. To some, they are the personification of fear itself. Dark and horrid intention underneath the make-up, usually fixed with a rictus grin. It’s a fear of the unknown, or trepidation at what lies beneath.

However, to some (i.e. the people we’re interested in), the factors we associate with a fear of clowns elicits the opposite reaction. That fear of the unknown, the unpredictability and excitement of dress up and playtime is exactly what some draw from it to enjoy and get off on. To wit, it’s not just about the tent in your pants either.

Clown fetishism, or Coulrophilia, may be more popular than you would initially think. Clowns ultimately offer escapism; a sense of deviation from the norm. Consider how old the notion of running away to join the circus is, for example. Then of course there is the one and only Ronald McDonald, the face of the one of the world’s biggest corporations for a stunning 52 years. Even 1990s Trash TV was all over clown fetishism like greasepaint on an eager face:

BaDoink put on our big pants, red noses and squirty flowers to chat with Miss Quin, one of the internet’s most prolific and popular clown fetishists and performers.

What is it about clowns that attracted you in the first instance?

The creative faces. I always wondered what could they be hiding beneath the face. Or is the face their true identity and the non-clown make up is the play acting?

Who are some of your favorite clowns?

Comic book Joker, Pennywise, Maggie Lally, and of course my sometimes co-star Kitzi Klown.

What are some of your favorite off-shoots of the fetish? Does it lend itself to a lot of variety?

Clown transformations: turning people into clowns like in a lot of videos I make. Or through charisma i.e. turning somebody who was not remotely interested in clowns to look at them differently and, dare I say it, find it arousing. Squirting people with water and pieing them in the face, and the constant battle with mimes. Clown fetishism can have a lot variety, I am still finding new things that excite me.

You create custom videos for like-minded people. What are some of the most common requests you receive? What has been the most unusual?

A lot of people seem to want to run away and join the circus. A true escapist fantasy.

I think that is what my clowny-related clips can provide for others. It certainly does for me. Most of the custom orders I receive focus around this idea of being taken away from the harsh reality and their world is made fun.

I suppose the most unusual, for my audience, are the ones that want extreme violence to come to my clown/ringleader.

It’s a commonly held belief that a lot of people fear clowns. Why do you think this? Do you feel that sense of being frightened also feeds some fetishists’ desire?

A clown’s goal is to ultimately inspire happiness in others and I think the exact opposite is troublesome to people. Fear play during erotic settings can be very exciting for some folks. For myself personally I never understood how a clown could bring someone to tears of fear. Although there are some Ronald McDonald commercials that make me shake my head. That is a clown that should inspire fear by selling such awful food!

What does the future hold for Miss Quin?

Since I am not gifted with sight I cannot tell you for sure, but I hope to continue doing what I have been doing for the last few years: being an entertainer and indulging in my clown fetish from time to time.

What would be your ideal shoot to perform? Where would you be? Who would be involved?

I would be aboard the alien clown spaceship from Killer Klowns From Outer Space with fellow clown folks and circus freaks making ourselves laugh, cry and orgasm through the videos we make together.

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