Breathing Exercises For Better Sex

March 21, 2015
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Breathing Exercises For Better Sex

Yeah, sex is easy to have. Just get in there and do your thang. But sex, good sex and great, mind-blowing sex are different things. I’m sure there are plenty of magazines, tips, tricks and whatnot out there telling you just how to have mind-blowing sex. And they’re probably true as well. However, one small thing that people forget they have in their sex bag is also free and available to everyone. I’m talking about breathing techniques. To the disbeliever, breathing is something that automatically happens to us without us thinking about it. To the initiated breathing can be the thing that makes or breaks the next best orgasms you have.

Here are a few breathing tips you can incorporate into your lovemaking to make it the best sex ever!

Breathe deep

Even in regular, everyday life we’re wont to take shallow, quick breaths, so obviously when it comes to sex it’s no better. Next time around take a moment to notice your breathing. I’m pretty sure your next breath will be deeeeep. In fact you might ask yourself if you were even breathing before – yeah that’s how shallow our breathing can be sometimes. So take a moment to breathe deep. Breathe all the way down to your toes. If you don’t know what that means, as you inhale, just imagine your breath reaching down all the way to your toes; and slowly exhale. The next breath, breathe into your vagina/penis/crotch area. Breathe into your fingers, your legs and your back. Send your deep breaths around your body as you move with your partner. Which bring us to…

Slow it down

Since many of us are shallow breathers, once you take it deep, slow it down too. Yeah, maybe your lovemaking might slow down as well but no one ever said that it always has to be hard and fast (though that doesn’t hurt either). So, inhale slowly and exhale slowly. Works great if she’s riding you. Actually works great for both of you…

Breathe together

You’re breathing deep, you’re breathing slow, now try syncing up your breathing. Inhale together and if possible, hold eye contact. Now exhale together, maintaining eye contact. This is super intimate and will either make you uncomfortable or take you to the next level. Either way you’re gonna get something out of this!

Try these simple breathing exercises the next time you’re having sexy time and let me know how it goes!

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