Be Careful Mixing Business and Pleasure

December 16, 2013
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 Wise man Oscar Wild said, “I can resist anything but temptation.” It’s only natural that someone we spend hours with every day attracts our attention. A little flirting has never hurt anyone? Not in our dreams but reality can lead you to a different path. When that one tall, dark and handsome colleague or a sexy woman in red brings out a new kind of fantasy in you, you might decide that breaking rules can become more than just fun. And who of us doesn’t want that?

office sex
Are you sure you want that ‘laptop’ dance?

When a good morning smile in the diner turns into a compliment, and a cup of coffee becomes the time when you to share secrets – that is when coming to work becomes that boost of caffeine we need in the morning. And suddenly getting dressed in the morning is like getting yourself ready to go out in the evening .In your head a work place turns into a lovey-dovey playground. And that is the day we cross the boundaries and stop being careful.

It could be the preferential treatment. When that first donut is always offered to you.  Wouldn’t it be great to do it right there on the bosses’ desk just like they do it in the movies? Keep this in mind: “Big Brother is always watching!”  And keep in mind that not everyone in the office knows how to keep a secret. Gossip can bite you right in the ass. Lay low for a while.

Sometimes when you’re happy it’s best to keep it to yourself, I’ve experienced. So read the working rules manual before you start making googly eyes.  Let lunch be your “me time”. That is how you’ll avoid awkward situations. Learn to separate time where you have to wear a mask from showing your sweet loving. Instead of spending breaks together leave the cheat chat and romantically naughty words for dinners for two in the comfort of your home or a cozy little restaurant with live music during dance holding hands.

You probably know the one that says never bring your problems into the bedroom. The same goes here. No need to scream with your body how hooked up you are; they might envy your daring. No need to show your unhappiness in front of everybody; don’t flatter yourself thinking they might care. Drama should be left outside the place of work.  At some point you have to decide if this relationship is a do or a don’t, concerning your career. If you have simply been following your heart, and come to think you want more than just a fling, it might be time to speak to your boss. It’s better to prevent than to regret.

My advice: Let yourself go. You only live once. Remember, three can be a crowd. If that’s the case, think of your partner. My experience:  “Don’t mix business with pleasure.”

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