Australia’s First Drive-Thru Sex Shop

April 20, 2014
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Road trips are fun, especially when they involve kinky stuff. Sometimes the convenience and privacy our own vehicle can provide is all we need. Earlier we showed you a tool to guide you through many in-car sexual positions, but what if you need more than that? Maybe you’re driving around with your significant other and a craving hits you. The sex toys are at home, there’s no lube, perhaps what you’re really in the mood for is edible underwear, or you’d simply like to be surprised.

Drive-Thru Sex Shop

Well, if you live anywhere near Brisbane, Australia, you can truly get your kink on without ever having to leave your car. The Adult Emporium at Albium has become the first sex shop in Australia to offer a drive-thru pick up service. Because, hey, what makes cheeseburgers more urgent than a cock-ring?

In my own hedonistic version of the declaration of independence, I believe all cravings were created equal. Trust me, Thomas Jefferson would agree with me.

Aside from the convenient side of it, the drive-thru also provides some needed discretion for the shier customers, who would prefer to keep their kinky purchases a little more private. A lot of people are still nervous about being seen in an adult store. This should offer a more comfortable option without having to wait by the mail.

Of course, the service is not meant for window shoppers and people who don’t know what they want and were thinking of browsing at the drive-thru. This is meant for customers who pre-order online or on the phone and come to simply pick up their items.

Drive-Thru Sex Shop

The service is personal and even offers the option of you letting them know how long it’ll take you to get there and what kind of car you’re driving. If you’re in a hurry, there’s not even need for a polite conversation! They have cameras to see who’s coming and prevent any delays. An employee will quickly deliver your items to your car window.

For the rest of us not living anywhere near Brisbane, we can still appreciate the idea. Besides, something tells me this adult drive-thru idea might spread rather quickly in this day and age. This is the kind of thing that makes you thankful for globalization.

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