8 Superfruits To Pep Up Your Sex Life

November 22, 2014
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8 Superfruits To Pep Up Your Sex Life

Fruits are known to be good for your health.  Apart from being high loaded in vitamins and antioxidants, are you aware that some of these succulent fruits are able to increase your sex drive?  We bring you the lowdown on some of these absolutely divine fruits that can be easily bought off the shelves in the supermarket just round the corner of your home.


8 Superfruits To Pep Up Your Sex Life

Doesn’t everyone love a hot date followed by amazing sex? Dates are great for a mood boost and contain amino acids which help to combat the lack of sex drive or lower energy levels.  These succulent fruits will greatly improve the production of hormones and increase both your stamina and sexual desire. Moreover, dates are easy to consume on the go and very very addictive.


8 Superfruits To Pep Up Your Sex Life

Avocados contain high folic acid levels that assist in metabolising proteins, giving an additional energy boost. Avocados are also packed with potassium, which is known to benefit a women’s libido. In addition, they have a generous level of vitamin B6 which helps to fight stress and provide the energy for you to keep going all night long.

An interesting fact: Avocados grow on trees which are known as testicle trees because of their shape and they tend to grow in pairs.  Rings a bell to a familiar body part down below?


8 Superfruits To Pep Up Your Sex Life

Mangoes are enriched with vitamin E, which is essential for increasing the production of sex hormones.  Not only do mangoes calm the emotions, they also provide moistening fluids for your body, keeping you well hydrated.  Similar to the abovementioned fruits, the natural sugars in mangoes provide a great energy boost.


8 Superfruits To Pep Up Your Sex Life

The one fruit shaped like the men’s anatomy that is sure to get you going.  Bananas contain potassium which is essential in the production of sex hormones as well as regulating energy levels. Bananas also stimulate the production of serotonin—a feel good hormone which helps improve sleep and elevate moods. Bromelain is another great enzyme found in bananas that is vital in fighting impotency in men. So guys, please start stocking up on this wonderful fruit.


8 Superfruits To Pep Up Your Sex Life

Pomegranates are probably one of the most well-known fruits for increasing sex drive.  The main reason why pomegranates are so effective is that it helps the body to produce nitric oxide, which helps to increase blood flow by opening up blood vessels—great news for the libido.

While pomegranate juice is more potent, the fruit itself is an enjoyable feast. In addition, pomegranates contain essential antioxidants such as tannins and anthocyanins, which prevent the aging process in our bodies.  These antioxidants also help to significantly reduce the risk of medical conditions such as heart disease, high blood pressure, arthritis and bronchitis, among others.


8 Superfruits To Pep Up Your Sex Life

The coconut is one fruit that can is useful in so many sexy ways.  Not only is coconut oil great for a massage, it is anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and a safe lubricant.  Its sweet and refreshing scent will enhance your mood and provide an excellent source of stress relief.  However, do take caution that coconut oil can damage latex condoms!  The natural sugars and anti-aging hormone also known as kinetin present in the juice of a young coconut helps in keeping the body hydrated.


8 Superfruits To Pep Up Your Sex Life

A little known fact about the passion red coloured raspberries is that they are used to treat erectile dysfunction, just like the kiwi fruit.  Packed with vitamin C, one portion of raspberries is equivalent to that of 173 grapes. The antioxidants present in this superfruit also serve to protect sperm health and promote conception.


8 Superfruits To Pep Up Your Sex Life

Arguably the most unexpected item on this list, figs have quite the sexual appeal. They are extremely effective at increasing both male and female libido due to the high levels of amino acids which play an important role in normal sexual function by increasing the levels of nitric oxide in the body. Physically, the fig closely resembles the female anatomy and a warm, sticky interior … Guys, no wild thoughts please!


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