5 Women Who Are Off Limits

February 5, 2014
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While we here at BaDoink are up and open about dating whomever the hell we choose to date, there are some women that are off limits in our book. Of course in reality, you’re free to date who you want, but sometimes choosing to date these women comes at a cost. So it’s up to you if you’re willing to pay the long term damage or not. Here are 5 women who are off limits in our books:

5 Women Who Are Off Limits

Your Best Friend’s Girl
This should be a no brainer. I’m sure Rick Springfield knew that Jesse’s Girl was off limits, hence the song. A true bro never betrays another bro by sleeping with his current or ex girl. If you’re prepared to lose a good friendship, then go ahead. But remember, friendships outlast most relationships, and if he’s been a good bro, it’ll be hard to find another. Resist the urge, there are other fish in the sea.

An Ex’s Sister
Planning to start a family feud? You don’t need to go here dude. I know that siblings can get competitive and perhaps she’s even throwing herself at you! But you have to resist, you don’t need the drama and if you cared about your ex at all, then you don’t want to cause her the hurt either.

The Intern
Remember Monica Lewinsky? Yeah, Bill Clinton didn’t have a list like this when he was in office, or else perhaps he wouldn’t have slept with his intern. Interns are temporary, and perhaps that’s just what you need, but the potential for scandal is also great. It could mean your job if you’re caught or if you’re in a position of power in the office, then you might be on the receiving end of a sexual harassment charge. Don’t need to go there.

Your Therapist
Aside from this being very, very bad form and, if caught, could result in her losing her license to practice, there are all sorts of moral lines being crossed here. A good therapist should refer you to another therapist if she learns that you’re having feelings towards her, and not encourage you.

The Roommate
This could go either way. It could be a good thing and you end up having a great relationship, or it could be a bad thing and you spend a lot of awkward time avoiding each other while one of you looks for a new place. But if you do hook up, be prepared to have things move up to live-in-couple standards really quickly, well, because you live together. Our opinion is to just stay away from all this. Don’t shit where you eat (or sleep) dude!

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  1. What if she is all of the above at once?

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