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#Sex Talk

Sex! When all is said and done, we wouldn’t any of us be here without it. People think it’s money that makes the world go around, but they are wrong… it is definitely sex. As a lot of people out there know, thanks to the financial crash, people might not have enough money to pay the rent, but they’ll always have the necessaries to bump some uglies.

In fact, it’s pretty well known that in times of crisis, people actually have more babies. It’s probably some inherent species survival function (like, the more sprogs are dropped, the more likely there will be some survivors for whatever the future holds in store). Like we’ve already suggested above… no babies, no humankind!

At, sex matters; not just the biological functionality of the bump and grind but also its social implications and, more importantly, the pleasure that almost all human beings derive from it. Because sex is fun; it is joyful and wonderful and crazy and out there. It’s also nice and romantic and full of love too.

The key thing to remember is, sex is varied. And at we like to reflect that variation. We’ll talk about sex from all perspectives – straight, gay, bi, bi-curious, trans, whatever gender-type we choose to self-identify as – and we have a team of writers who reflect those mores.

At, we believe in freedom of expression, especially the freedom to express your sexuality, and we like our readers to celebrate the fact alongside us.


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