Girls Ride 80s Sex Toy for Charity

May 10, 2014
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Above: the Sybian masturbation fun saddle!

I’m a sucker for a good charity that deals with a social problem whose magnitude I wasn’t aware of before. When that effort for charity also includes an assortment of hot girls pleasuring themselves by the beach, it only makes it all the more inspiring.

The guys from viral video makers Simple Pickup actually did a good one this time, and asked passing ladies if they liked their clitoris. If they openly did and they empathized with the selected charity – or if they just wanted a fun couple of minutes – they were welcome to try out the Sybian, a big masturbation device from the 80s meant to be ridden like a saddle.

For every second a girl would ride the Sybian, they donated US$5 to The Orchid Project, an organization that advocates for the end of female circumcision, as well as raising awareness about how, why and where female genital cutting happens.

Female Genital Cutting (FGC), the partial or total removal of a girl’s external genitals, is sadly a very real thing. The UN estimates that over 125 million women are living with the consequences of FGC, and up to 30 million girls are at risk of being cut in the next decade across 29 known practicing countries all over Africa and the Middle East.

There are no health benefits to FGC, and the reasons often given for its practice come down to years of complex cultural and social rituals. Not only is it a human rights violation, it is also usually done with rudimentary tools that are unlikely to be sterile.

Girls Ride 80s Sex Toy for Charity

In half of the countries that practice FGC, the majority of girls are cut before age five. Elsewhere it usually occurs between 5 and 14.

Perhaps it’s my deep-rooted Western upbringing, but I would never want to live in a world without clitorises. I don’t have many things that make me happy; and I’m not sure I could seamlessly come back from a blow like that.

Even if you have no money available to offer, you can help by just watching the video. They will donate an additional $100 for every 100,000 views their Sybian video gets. So there you go, all you have to do is watch a three-minute clip of a lot of beautiful girls riding a vibrating saddle for fun and awareness. Not exactly a difficult task. Go for it!

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