Original Erotica: X Marks the Spot

November 6, 2013
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Introducing La Muschi…

Have you ever wished that you could ask a real live lesbian just what it is she does to make her lovers scream? Have you ever wanted to know those deep, dark, wet secrets that two (or indeed more) women share in bed together? Have you ever thought about having a threesome, secretly hoping that you can lie back, watch and learn how to become a better lover? Have you ever wished that there were such a thing as a workshop on the subject? Come on now. Don’t lie. The main interest, the one that both heterosexual men and lesbians share, and we all know the answer to this one, is… women!

This is not a column to underestimate your masculinity, but rather a space where you can find out from our advisor on the subject, La Muschi, answers to some of the questions you never thought you’d have the answers for. It’s an opportunity to read about women who make love with women, to find out what turns women on and a chance to pick up some helpful tips on how to become even better in bed. It’s a space to provide men with some useful clues on how to keep those ladies coming back for more.

Why is it that straight women don’t always feel sexually satisfied? How can I please my lady friend in bed more? What is it that really hits the spot with girls between the sheets?

We intend to include a little lesbian erotica, plus selected entries from the “Diary of a real lesbian” from time to time, too. Of course, you may not find all the answers you’re looking for, but it’s good “clean” fun and who knows, maybe you can learn a trick or two and put them into practice.

La Muschi will also be providing her top 5 romantic hits on a regular basis, to get those girls in the mood. She’ll give you ideas on birthday, anniversary or simply surprise gifts. Women love surprises. She’ll suggest places to go with your partner, lover or girlfriend. She´ll talk about seducing women, kissing them, undressing them and much, much more.

To be continued…

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