Original Erotica: Size Me Up

November 7, 2013
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Continuing with our brand new erotic tale, here’s Part 3 of the journey…

‘Hi, can I get a beer when you’re ready, please?’

‘Who’s next?’

‘Em, yeah… can I get a beer there, when you get a chance?’

‘Rum and coke please.’

‘Hello, hi, excuse me. I’d like a beer.’

‘Rum and coke coming up.’

‘Er, helloooooooo I want a beer… please.’

It’s not that she doesn’t see you. You’re just not standing your ground.

Look, on the general scale of things, they say that only 5% of the population in the world is a model, a human clothes hanger, a lanky string of beans. The rest of us are beautiful in many different ways and your height, though it can be an issue to you, with the right attitude doesn’t have to make any difference at all.  Your personality, your approach, your aura and your energy all combine to eliminate or indeed complement every other physical aspect about you, including how tall you are.

This not only rings true for your vertical centimeters. Ok, so you know where La Muschi is going with this one. Your equipment is just as appealing to many women as the longer love muscle of a six-footer. Here’s a tip guys… when you’re fantasizing about that breaking and entering moment, as your girl sips on her rum & coke (well, maybe the waitress was a lesbian), DON’T play with yourself. Don’t fix yourself or make any gesture to suggest that cock of yours is dying to play hide ‘n’ seek. You’ve got to be subtle, sophisticated and, like we said before, composed. And this, my dear male counterparts (there are enough pussies to go around), is not achieved by having a good old stroke of Mr. Winky while you’re seducing a woman in a bar, no matter how big or small a personality you have. She’ll glance at it from time to time, just as you’ll envisage your head between her breasts and your erect penis lying over her spread thighs. But don’t fondle it. Not in public.

So, you want to make a move. Touch her hand first. Stroke it gently and see how she reacts. Don’t grab it like you’re holding on for dear life. Be tender. There’ll be plenty of time later for fast and furious. If she smiles and doesn’t pull back, then advance a little up her arm. Women tend to play with their hair when they’re either nervous or excited. Keep the light chat up and that erection down, for the moment. Remember… you can have it all. Just not all at once.

If that part went smoothly, maybe it’s time for a little more action. As you caress her arm, move back to her hand and hold it for a second. Are her pupils starting to dilate just a bit? Is she holding on or trying to let go? You’ll know. So, stop right there and try and figure out if you should kiss her first or if she’s going to make the first move. Once you’ve established that, and it seems like it’s up to you this time, move closer, slowly and kiss her on the cheek. She’ll smile, giggle or slap you. At least at that point you’ll know whether to carry on or not. Hold that thought.

La Muschi winks at her colleague and after a long, disorganized day takes off her headphones, gathers her belongings and turns off the studio light. ‘More tomorrow.’ Goodnight. 

To be continued…

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