Original Erotica: Secrets

March 1, 2014
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In Chapter 25 of our sexual journey, La Muschi was in full domination mode. Now, in Chapter 26, our sexual adventurers pause for a moment of much needed reflection…

Laura’s pussy is wet. She feels in control. She hasn’t told you that this is the first time she has ever used her harness on a guy and you haven’t told her that this isn’t your first time… and that the last time, it was very far from latex. Suddenly you realise that there is nothing wrong with sex games. Sex can be such a taboo subject and yet it’s a subject that really needs to be talked about.

‘Stop, please stop for a moment,’ you implore.

‘Are you ok?’ she asks concerned.

original erotica - secrets

‘Yes, I’m fine. Better than fine actually, but I just want to talk for a minute. I… I… There’s something I want to share with you.’

You feel a lump in your throat, but are determined to tell Laura some of your darkest secrets.

‘You know, until now… perhaps tonight, I have always looked at women as sexual objects to a certain extent. I mean, I’ve been in love, once before, but it was a long time ago, and even though us guys have a reputation for just wanting to fuck and go… man, we have feelings too and when the right woman comes along, we don’t want to lose her. I feel that there’s so much you can teach me. Like there’s a whole world out there, of sexual fantasies, dominance, submissiveness and role playing games which could actually balance this entire sex thing out so much more.’

Laura, still wearing her harness (which makes you laugh a little), sits and listens. She looks between her legs and smiles. ‘Do you want me to take it off?’

‘NO! I mean, no,’ you reply somewhat desperately.

‘I just…’ You clear your throat. ‘I guess I now know how it feels to NOT be in charge, you know? You, fucking me, it’s just a very different feeling from anything I’ve experienced before and it suddenly made me realise that it’s just as important. That women need to have the power and I don’t mean that by having a dick between your legs means that we, men, have that power… it’s just that, well, being fucked sort of gives you the sense of vulnerability… a sense that you are actually no longer in control and I’ve felt that before with a guy, but even then it seemed to be more on a par. More equal.’

‘I think I understand,’ she replies softly. ‘So you have had anal sex before?’ she giggles.

‘Once in high school, but it was nothing like this… I just want to thank you and La Muschi for your trust in me and for maybe teaching me something that I should have learned a long time ago.’

Laura smiles and reminding you that she is definitely more lesbian than bisexual, takes your hand and sits beside you for a few minutes in silence.

‘I want you to fuck me hard,’ you whisper.

You blush unexpectedly and moving closer to her, open your legs and let her slide deep inside you again.

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