Original Erotica: Relax and Enjoy

January 25, 2014
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Continuing on from where we last left off, Part 21 of La Muschi’s story of sex and passion kicks back from a moment…

‘I want you to lie down.’

La Muschi’s voice becomes soft and sweet. She ruffles your hair as she speaks to you. She takes your glass and puts it out of the way beside the drinks cabinet.

‘Where do you want me?’ you ask timidly.

‘Just there, on the rug,’ she replies.

As you do what you are asked, Laura produces a small bottle of mildly scented massage oil. Sounds from a Café del Mar compilation fill the room. La Muschi lights some candles and all four of you are in semi-darkness.

‘Is that Agua, by José Padilla?’ you enquire.

Original Erotica: Relax and Enjoy

‘It is indeed my friend,’ Laura answers, smiling at your musical knowledge.

‘Nothing too relaxing or you might fall asleep on us.’ La Muschi laughs.

You feel vulnerable, but excited. Laura smears her strong hands in oil and La Muschi insists that you lie on a towel she has placed over the rug. ‘Face up first please,’ Laura says politely.

She beckons your lover over and takes her hands. Now the two women kneel by your side, four hands dripping in the calming lotion. The first tune mixes delicately into the next.

‘Great choice of music,’ you utter as the two ladies begin to slide their hands across your chest, one on either side.

They make circular movements around your nipples. At first your body is tense. Fear of the unknown engulfs you. ‘Relax and enjoy,’ La Muschi whispers.

The oil seeps into your skin and you involuntarily close your eyes. They massage your shoulders, your biceps and forearms and then your hands. Their touch is confident and you are slightly surprised at their strength. You know you shouldn’t be, as you are more than aware of how powerful women can be. There are no sexual innuendos involved. No kissing. No caressing. But it is clear that these ladies want you to be totally at ease. Your body begins to give in to the sounds, the scents and the circular movements and for a moment you feel like you’re floating.

They move towards your legs, purposely avoiding your penis and knead your thighs, calves and finally your feet. You feel 100% comfortable in their company, as do they in yours. There is something incredibly special about this experience, about this evening and the company you are keeping. It is one that you will never forget and one that you will never reveal. Not to other lovers, nor to your friends. It is what it is and you are enjoying every second.

‘So, this is what it feels like to live in the moment,’ you think to yourself. A smile spreads across your face. You begin to fully enjoy a sense of freedom.  ‘This is our night,’ La Muschi says. ‘We all want to give and receive, experience new things.’

As the ladies request that you roll over, La Muschi begins to unravel the bondage rope that your lover brought in earlier. You do not see her. It does not matter. You are in safe hands.

To be continued…

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