Original Erotica: Playtime

November 7, 2013
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The tale of La Muschi continues, with Part 11…

At this gorgeous women’s request, you flip her over until she is on all fours on the sofa. ‘Rub your cock against my ass,’ she says in a submissive voice. You slide your dick over her buttocks and then unashamedly push yourself between her cheeks. You wrap your arms around her torso and cup her breasts. She lowers her elbows until her ass is right up against your penis and then she begins to move in such a way that she is massaging you.

You want to take her from behind but instead you roll her over onto her back and, pulling her legs open, you slide the tip of your cock just inside her open cunt. Holding her legs in the air you thrust further into her and her pussy accepts you gracefully. Now halfway inside her, you can hear her breathing starting to get heavier.

‘Want me to tell you about my fantasy fuck with my friend?’ she asks, hoping to turn you on even more.

‘Tell me, please.’

‘It happened just a little while ago. She actually ate me out on that armchair over there,’ she giggles. ‘It wasn’t the first time I’ve had lesbian sex, but it was the best I’ve had yet.’

‘Did she make you come?’ you enquire.

‘Many times,’ she replies.

‘Go on,’ you say, eager to hear all about it.

‘Well…’ she says, as she pulls away from you, forcing your cock to slide gently out of her. You worry slightly at this movement and you ask, ‘Do you want me to stop?’

‘No, no, but let’s say I want you to take me slowly,’ she answers. ‘I want to talk… tell you about my experience. I want to play with you and I want you to play with me. I want to be teased by you and to tease you. Then, when we’re ready…’

You allow her to push you down until you are sitting and she kneels down this time and takes your erection between her full breasts.

‘Once we’ve talked and played, I want you to fuck me. Then and only then.’ She opens her legs and points at her pussy, enticing you to look at it, and then closes her legs again.

This is new to you, but you’re willing to give it a try. Foreplay has never been your strong point, but you feel that this woman can teach you a thing of two. And somehow you realize that maybe it’s about time you learned. So, instead of forcing her to take your cock inside her straight away, like you have done in the past with other women, you lean back on the sofa and run your fingers through her hair and simply observe her. She takes your dick in one hand, as though it were a microphone (an image that makes you laugh) and kisses and licks you, while she begins to relate the story.

‘You’re amazing, do you know that?’ you say.

‘This is just the beginning, big man.’

You want her to give you head, but somehow, knowing how different this woman appears to be, you wait. She begins…

To be continued…

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