Original Erotica: Listen

November 7, 2013
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The erotic story continues in Part 13 of our sexual saga…

‘Right, let’s get straight to the intimate details,’ she whispers, just before taking your hard penis in her mouth. She sucks you, slowly and gently first. Then, she speeds the pace up a little. You lay back, arms outstretched and putting your hands behind the nape of your neck on the sofa, and watch her every move. She sucks you… caressing you, as her tongue makes circular movements around your erection.

‘Hmmm,’ you say, as she takes more of you than expected in her mouth. ‘I can feel your breath on my skin,’ you say. She breathes deeper and exhales warm air along the side of your dick, making the hair on your arms stand on end.

’Please tell me more.’

Careful now!  You’re starting to sound like you´re begging.

‘She spread my legs baby,’ she says, as she frees her mouth momentarily from your throbbing cock.

‘Then, she told me to close my eyes. I did what I was told, of course’.

‘Go on,’ you groan.

‘Well, she opened me like a flower and before I realized what was happening, she was down on me, eating my swollen pussy.’

She sucks you again.

‘Wait baby,’ she utters. Her saliva is warm and instead of continuing her story, she takes you between her luscious lips again. You try to grab her hair and push her face closer to your sexually aroused body, but she grabs your wrist and stops you in your tracks.

‘I want to give you a blow job that you’ll want to put in a frame and hang on your wall as a memory of me, but on my terms mother fucker! Don´t fuck with me big boy or you´ll be jerking off instead.’

She is deadly serious and you decide it best not to put up a fight. She does exactly as promised and you cum in her mouth. Your sticky love juice dribbles down her chin. She swallows and licks her lips dry.

‘First of many,’ she pants.

‘Jesus Christ!’ you exclaim.

Now, here is an important piece of advice, which will enable you to cum many more times during the night and maybe more importantly at this point, will make HER cum. See, women are always up for giving their men sexual pleasure, BUT it is vitally important to give and receive. Don´t get me wrong. Enjoy the moment, but as soon as you’ve recovered, you must be ready to give yourself to her.

Laura closes the bathroom door, as La Muschi starts the water flow in anticipation for what is to come. Suddenly, Laura’s arms are wrapped around La Muschi’s waist and her breasts press softly against her lover’s back. Laura’s hands slide down her lover’s hips and rest between her legs.

‘Are you still wet sweetheart?’

La Muschi leans against her lover’s naked body and replies, ‘I need you, but I don’t want you to want me to need you.’ Laura cuddles into her woman as she takes La Muschi’s hand from between her legs and leads her into the shower.

‘I know what you mean darling. I really do.’ 

To be continued….

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