Original Erotica: Learning to Ride

April 12, 2014
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I’d never been on a horse before. I was touring the southwest with my grandparents during summer vacation from and was feeling very independent as I had just turned sixteen. We were in a gas station gift shop by the side of the road. My grandparents were using the bathroom. Again. I was browsing the isles, looking for fun things to bring back home for my friends and had just found a paperweight that had a real scorpion in it when a real cowboy walked in the door.


I heard the bells ring on the door first and looked up to see who the new customer was. He walked straight up to the counter and asked for a pack of cigarettes.

I picked up the paperweight and headed up to the counter so I could get a better look at the person under the cowboy hat. He was older than me but younger than my father. I couldn’t figure out much more about him because I’d never seen anything remotely comparable in my life.

He was dusty but not dirty. He was the color of the earth and the sun. His voice was deep and he spoke casually with the girl at the cash register. They spoke about the lack of rain and the wild fires that were growing more and more out of control. He assured her that he’d found a river in the mountains that was running with ice melt and that the monsoon rains were surely on their way…

I must have gotten lost in a fantasy while listening to them talk because suddenly it was completely silent and both of them were staring at me. The girl at the register asked if she could help me and I managed to set the paperweight down in front of her and pay for it and put out my hand to receive my change, all the while aware of the cowboy’s eyes lingering on my tingling body.


“I can show you a real scorpion”, he said. Oh my god! I willed my grandparents to have one of their epic long bathroom sessions, which wasn’t exactly asking for a miracle. I turned to my cowboy and deliberately stuck my chest out a little and leaned towards him in what I thought was an extremely seductive pose. “Aren’t scorpions dangerous”?


“Only if you get stung”. I could feel my heart beating and my breathing quicken. I was a virgin still but only in body. My fantasy life was already quite rich and I had imagined myself in pretty much every possible sexual situation. I had read every page of my older brother’s porn magazines nearly as often as he had.

I knew that the heat and the moisture in my panties were a sign that it was time to have sex with my cowboy. I wanted to put my hand down my pants to stroke my silky mound and to sooth my swollen clitoris. I ached to touch my erect nipples the way I did at home in my bedroom when I fantasized about losing my virginity.

I vaguely remembered my grandmother telling me that very morning I should have a bra on under my white tank top and felt a blush rise in my cheeks at the thought of her seeing me in this situation, my perky breasts with hard and aching nipples.


Suddenly, my grandfather’s voice broke my trance as it came closer and closer to where I was melting in ecstasy. “What’s going on over here kids”? He asked when he got close enough to the counter. I was mortified at being called a kid but needed to figure out a way to see my cowboy again. “I’d like to take horseback riding lessons”, I blurted out without even thinking. I pointed to the cowboy who had this crazy, amused smile on his face. I looked my grandpa straight in the eye and said, “He gives lessons”.

To be continued…

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