Original Erotica: Learning to Ride Pt.IV

May 3, 2014
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As her private riding lesson gets ever nearer, our young protagonist feels the heat more and more…

The sun finally came up. I opened up the door of our RV and caught the tail end of a conversation between my grandparents. My grandmother was insisting that one or both of them should chaperone my riding lesson while my grandfather was adamant that neither one of them were going to mount a horse under any circumstance. They both fell silent when they sensed my presence and turned their attention toward me. My grandmother’s frustration was palpable but I knew that whatever stance she was attempting to take, she had been shot down and that for once, my grandfather had gotten the last word.

Original Erotica: Learning to Ride Pt.IV

I was flustered about what to wear, even though I had spent a good part of the night planning my outfit. My sheer white tank top with a lacy white bra and matching G-string panties… That was all I had decided on for certain. Then there was the question of how to conceal my outfit from my grandparents until I was off their radar, in the desert, under the sun. I finally decided on a semi sheer top because it snapped up the front which was extremely sexy in my imagination as my cowboy ripped it off my body in the throes of passion, and a pair of newly washed, tight fitting jeans. I avoided eye contact and did my best to contain my excitement as we made our way through the morning and finally left to find the place where I would learn to ride.

When we finally pulled up to the shack with chickens and dogs scurrying away from our tires, I was sure we must have been lost.  It wasn’t until the cashier from the gas station came out to greet us that I realized we were likely at the right place after all, although it made no sense that she would be there. I was also confused by her obviously pregnant belly, which I hadn’t noticed when she was standing behind the counter. She shot me a look that seemed more like a smirk than anything and went directly to my grandparents with her hand outstretched. All I could think about while my head was spinning was where my cowboy was and why he had left me in this awkward position.

Original Erotica: Learning to Ride Pt.IV

Finally, he showed up. Even though the situation was not anything like what I had imagined, I was relieved to see his golden skin, his green eyes and the unmistakable bulge in his pants that I took as a secret message. A silent promise of what he had in store for me…

To be continued…

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