Original Erotica: Learning to Ride Pt.II

April 19, 2014
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A young woman’s cowboy fantasy continues…

The girl at the register looked amused as she looked from the cowboy to my grandfather and finally settled her smirk on my burning cheeks. My cowboy came to the rescue. He extended his hand to my grandfather, introduced himself and said that he’d be free in the morning if we were interested in a private lesson. We had planned on spending the night in this town anyway because there was a sight that my grandmother was interested in visiting so I knew the magic door to having a private lesson with my cowboy, who’s name was Jesse, was ajar if not wide open yet.

Original Erotica: Learning to Ride

The moisture between my legs had gotten so steamy at this point that for a split second I wondered if it looked like I had peed in my pants. I shifted my legs and felt the slippery flesh inside my panties move, which sent a shiver through my whole body. My virgin clitoris must have been the size of a small mountain and it pulsed with the dull ache of a new bruise. I felt sweat roll down my back, my cheeks burned and the desire I was feeling moved up into my belly.

I broke away from the sensations in my body to look up and see Jesse drawing a map on a scrap of paper. It was happening! My grandfather was arranging to bring me to my cowboy in the morning! I was suddenly thankful that my grandma had a crazy routine of washing her face and brushing her teeth and who knows what else, every time we stopped at a restroom. I knew she would not have let things get this far. Just as I was thinking this, I heard the bathroom door close and her footsteps as she walked toward us. Please, please, please, I silently begged every god I’d ever heard of. Please don’t let grandma ruin everything.

Original Erotica: Learning to Ride

“Are we ready?” she asked as she approached the counter. Grandpa shook his head, and gave me a really strange look before taking grandma’s hand and heading for the door. I could barely move, or speak. Everything seemed enormous and full of wild electricity. I managed to look up at my cowboy and though my voice came out much smaller and less assured than I had wanted, I told him I’d see him in the morning.

He gave me a quick wink which said everything I’d hoped he’d say under the circumstances and I felt him watching me as I walked into the amazingly bright sunshine with as much of a sway in my hips as I dared with my grandparents two steps in front of me.

To be continued…

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