Original Erotica: Head to Toe

November 7, 2013
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Our erotic journey continues with Part 6 of la Muschi’s explicit tale…

So… you’re in the car.  ‘I bet the fucking engine won’t start,’ you think to yourself. You hope she can’t hear your heart pounding. Oooh, who’s getting nervous now, eh? Well, it is only natural. You don’t want to ruin everything hust when you’re onto a good thing, IF you play your cards right.

You fasten your seat belt and she puts her hand gracefully on your knee. Don’t be tempted man! Give her a look, lean over and gently move the locks on her shoulder to one side and kiss her neck. Keep control, rev up and take this hot woman back to yours or hers (give her the option first). Fight that feeling of wanting to shag her right there and staining your divine, leather-clad upholstery. Ignore the fact that your cock is beginning to take on a life of its own.

She runs her hand slowly up your thigh as you drive. You shift in your seat slightly. She notices and laughs a little. She glances down between your legs and lets out a little moan. She sinks into her seat, closes her eyes and, sticking her arm out the window, she grabs handfuls of the night air as though she wants to hold onto it forever.

‘Yes… yes baby, please fuck me. I want you deep inside me. I want to feel you all day. Feel as though you were still inside me.’

‘Oh Laura, my sweet angel. Your pussy is mine tonight’.

‘Careful. Careful!’

‘Jesus Christ! That fool nearly ran into the side of us’.

‘Sorry, got distracted there for a second’.

A bead of sweat rolls down your brow and you leave your fantasy aside for a moment, thinking that in retrospect it is better to keep your eyes on the road right for now.

‘Let’s go back to mine,’ she decides, as soon as you’re on the motorway to yours. Well, it is a woman’s prerogative to change her mind. ‘Sure babe, lead the way’. You park. She opens the door for you. Brilliant. Let’s not be a chauvinist. Contrary to public belief, chivalry, though very gentlemanly, can rub many women and/or feminists up completely the wrong way.

One finger inside her… Then two. Her wet pussy flooding as La Muschi delves deeper. In… out. In… out. Laura’s legs involuntarily spreading as her lover fingers her, occasionally removing the digits to suck on Laura’s love juices.

She puts the key in the door and you obediently follow her inside. She locks it, twice. You’re not getting out in a hurry. Then, you embrace and french kiss for what seems like an eternity. She whispers in your ear ‘undress me… wait, slowly.’ You signal for her to raise her arms and remove her shirt without opening it. Her breasts are beautifully covered by a black lace bra which you admire, briefly. You are hard and she grabs your cock and rubs it up and down outside your trousers. She wants to pull your zip down and take you in her hand, she wants to jerk you off and make her way down until she has your love truncheon in her mouth. But instead, she keeps rubbing. You groan, deeply. The kissing continues…

To be continued…

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