Original Erotica: Food For Thought

November 7, 2013
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The fantasy continues, with Part 8 of our erotic tale…

Laura can’t help herself and comes in a matter of minutes. Her soaking pussy is palpitating fiercely as La Muschi saunters towards the kitchen, ignoring the fact that her naked body is on view to all and sundry (she’s always been a big Hitchcock fan). She rarely shared her voyeur fetish with her colleagues at the radio station. Despite having watched friends and lovers of friends fucking on more than one occasion – even having invested in a small, discreet pair of binoculars when she realized that the neighbors just across from her were apparently exhibitionist lesbians – she had never been watched, so to speak.

She turns on the kitchen light and opens the fridge door. ‘Let’s see,’ she mutters in the semi darkness. ‘Ice, a yogurt, a cold spoon, whipped cream and to top it all off a bottle of cava… Perfect,’ she says aloud.

Laura is curled up with the top sheet wrapped between her legs when La Muschi returns.

‘Can I tell you a secret?’

‘Sure,’ you reply, your hard penis comfortably resting in her right-hand.

‘I have fantasies about a really good friend of mine.’

‘Really?’ you ask. ‘Is it a guy?’ A slight feeling of jealousy engulfs you at the thought that you may not be her only lover (look at you, you sensitive thing).

‘No. Of course not,’ she laughs.

‘Just wondering,’ you say, relieved.

‘She’s hot, sweet, caring and so, so sexy. We’ve been friends for a few years now and she’s always known that I’m strangely attracted to her.’

‘So… ’


‘Has anything ever happened, is that what you want to know?’ She squeezes you hard and starts to jerk you off. With the other hand, she unbuttons your shirt and teases your left nipple. You smile. ‘Well, are you going to leave me guessing?’

She starts to kiss your chest and then your stomach and before you have time to ask another question or indeed she to reply to yours, she is on her knees and is kissing your cock.


She kisses some more. Her warm tongue slides along the side of your erection. First one side, then the other, until her lips are wrapped around the tip. ‘Oh baby,’ you groan.

Ok, here most guys stand with their legs slightly apart, brace themselves and let their lady friend suck and suck until they are just about to explode. After all, she is down there of her own accord. Many guys grab that bitch by the back of the head and face fuck their female friends forcefully. You on the other hand decide to do things differently. Good for you!

You look down at her as she takes a little more of you in her mouth and then you stop her. You get down on your knees and you lay her gently backwards. You spread her legs just a little and lick her inner thigh. Surprised, she looks at you longingly and obeys as you manhandle her legs wider apart. Then, licking one finger you caress her pussy, your cock still tingling. The give and take begins.

‘You want to know more about my fantasies?’

‘I want to know everything’ you whisper.

To be continued…

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