Original Erotica: Candles and Curves

November 7, 2013
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Part 7 of La Muschi’s tale continues where we last left off…

Laura’s deep, delicate pussy delights in La Muschi’s hunger to make it as wide and as wet as possible. La Muschi’s rhythmical finger fucking forces Laura’s hips to rise towards her lover. Her legs spread wider and wider as the tempo increases. La Muschi’s strong forearm tenses, as she fucks harder, deeper and faster. Laura is soaking. Her juices begin to spill out, like a cascade falling from a tiny hidden cave and leaving her mark on their lovemaking sheets…

You suddenly hear panting. You kiss your ‘soon to be’ lover’s neck and, at the same time begin to pay a little closer attention to the sound. Heavy breathing and moaning seem to be coming from somewhere, not too far away from where you and this gorgeous, half naked woman are engaging is some delicious foreplay. You stop kissing (wondering if you are the only one that can hear the sexual sounds) and raising one eye-brow, you give your lady friend a cheeky grin who, clearly aware of the in-house audio entertainment, replies to the gesture with a knowing nod.

She takes your hand suddenly and forces you to cup her breast as she opens the zip in your jeans. Stroking you daringly, she grabs you by the nape of your neck and brings your mouth down to her erect nipple, encouraging you to suck it. You oblige, of course and realize that, just as your penis has hardened with this woman’s caresses, so too has the distant moaning magnified.

La Muschi decides to play a little game with her horny girlfriend. She slowly withdraws her dripping fingers from Laura’s cunt and licks them dry and, swallowing Laura’s nectar, she lays down on top of her, their bodies intertwined, and rubs her thigh between Laura’s legs. She slides up and down with ease (obviously… both women are close to flooding by this point). They laugh. They kiss. 

‘Mmmm baby, you make me so wet,’ Laura utters under her breath.

‘Idem,’ La Muschi replies. And, slowly standing up, her curves lit up by the small, scented candles in their love nest, she walks towards the door.

‘You leaving me?’

‘Be right back. Don’t go away.’

She opens the bedroom door. Her eyes are locked on Laura, who has started to fondle herself. They stare at each other. Their mouths are dry. La Muschi insinuates that Laura masturbate in her absence and as she turns her back and makes her way towards the dark corridor, Laura closes her eyes and does exactly that.

La Muschi glances over her shoulder, throbbing even more at this delectable sight and says ‘I want to lie beside you and watch you when I come back.’ She leaves. The bedroom door closes.

‘Baby, I will masturbate for you… but don’t be too long sweetheart or I’ll make myself come,’ Laura whispers to herself breathlessly.

Yes. Yes. YES! Your throbbing member has been freed and is thrilled to be wrapped in your baby’s soft hand. The slow pulling movement, sending the blood racing through your veins. She giggles as she slides her firmly gripped fist up and down. You pull her close and unzip her skirt. She steps out of it as it falls to the floor… momentarily letting go. You remove your underwear and wrap both arms around her waist. She swoons at the feeling of your beautiful erection against her naked skin. She takes hold of you again…

To be continued…

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