Original Erotica: Barfly

April 5, 2014
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He fixed his tie and ordered a beer. He didn’t want to check his phone or even want to know the time. His heart was beating faster than usual as he waited for her to arrive. He wondered if she would turn up at all, but quickly dismissed the idea of being stood up as he delved into the archive of therapy sessions in his memory, to seek out the one that reminded him that all he needed was a little more self-confidence.

Suddenly he could feel the presence of someone standing close behind him. Maybe it was someone wanting a drink and trying to get the waiter´s attention. Maybe it was someone he knew who was going to tap him on the shoulder to say hi.

‘Don’t turn around,’ a woman whispered, closely enough to him that only he could hear her.
‘Finish your beer and follow me to the bathroom.’

Original Erotica: Barfly

He did as he was told and as he made his way through the crowd he could feel his cock starting to tingle. Pushing the wooden door which read Ladies open, he walked into the empty bathroom. The last cubicle seemed occupied and the sexy voice called out, ‘In here.’

He approached slowly, his dick getting harder with every step. She unlocked the door and taking him by the hand she pulled him in. ‘Close your eyes,’ she said and she quickly blindfolded him and pushed him against the wall. She ran her hand across his penis, rubbing it hard. Within a few seconds her thirsty mouth was wrapped around his dick, sucking him. She licked and sucked his cock until he was almost raw.

She removed her underwear and, lowering the lid of the toilet seat, she forced him to sit. She straddled him and as his cock slid effortlessly inside her she wrapped her powerful legs around his waist. She was clearly fucking him this time and he loved it.
‘Go deeper. As deep as you can,’ she begged, her hips thrusting and her wet pussy soaking his throbbing manhood.

‘Cum inside me,’ she gasped. They reached orgasm together and with his cock still inside her she wrapped her arms around his neck. They kissed passionately for what seemed like an age. Slowly she released herself and got dressed again.

‘Can I take the blindfold off now?’ he questioned wanting to see her.
‘Sure,’ she laughed and watched as he did so. He smiled and pulling her into him, they kissed again.
‘Nice outfit darling,’ he said.
‘Glad you like it baby,’ she replied.
‘You know you never cease to amaze me,’ he grinned. ‘I think this was one of your best presents yet.’

‘Happy anniversary darling,’ she giggled.

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