Original Erotica: Allow Me

February 15, 2014
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In the last chapter, La Muschi had taken full sexual control of the scene. Now, in Chapter 24, La Muschi continues to direct the action…

La Muschi´s flat-mate waits, watching out of the corner of her eye as La Muschi slowly drenches her latex cock in a mint smelling lubricant. Her body was totally tense, but the desire to feel her flat-mate penetrating her was overwhelming. She braced herself as La Muschi made her way slowly towards her. Although they’d had sexual encounters before, this was the first time that she would give herself completely to this woman, this woman who knew her most intimate secrets. This was the first time that La Muschi would take complete and absolute control over her.

Original Erotica: Allow Me

Laura continues to suck you, your ever hardening penis delving deeper and her soft lips and wet tongue, driving you to despair.

La Muschi climbs behind her flat-mate. She allows ´her´ cock to rest gently on her flat-mate´s hard ass. ‘Do you want me to take you from behind?’ she groans. ‘I know you can´t answer… just nod bitch.’ Her flat-mate nods obediently.

La Muschi, grabbing hold of her vibrator, strokes it up and down. The smell of mint fills the air. Her flat-mate involuntarily opens her legs wide.

Without any warning La Muschi enters her flat-mate´s tight ass. Her flat-mate screams with desire. Penetrating harder and harder, the leather harness wrapped tightly around her waist, La Muschi feels the latex cock rubbing against her moist pussy.

Laura stops sucking your cock and slides from under you. She rises to her feet and pulls another harness from the bag that La Muschi´s flat-mate had obediently gone to look for an hour or so earlier. ‘Do you think you can handle this?’ Laura asks you. Your heart starts to race and you begin to question yourself… Will this make me any less of a man? If I enjoy this, does it mean that I´m gay?

You remain on all fours and watch as Laura places the dildo into position. This is your experimental night and whatever happens in this room will never go any further.

Laura slides the cold rubber toy down along your spine as she straddles you. You are still on all fours. ‘So?’ she whispers in your ear.

‘Yeah, I can handle it,’ you hear yourself groan. You close your eyes and wonder if this sexy woman will find your G spot and if this´ll turn you on. Only one way to find out…


To be continued…

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