Original Erotica: Adult Viewing

January 13, 2014
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La Muschi’s weird sexual odyssey continues in Part 17 of our exclusive original work of erotica…

Laura knew about La Muschi´s history with her flatmate and she also knew that La Muschi had always been honest with her.

‘Baby, roll over again,’ Laura says. La Muschi does so. Laura plays with La Muschi´s clit, rubbing and stroking it. La Muschi´s cunt is wide open and she comes furiously with Laura´s touch. 

‘Oh Fuck. You are such a fucking good lover bitch.’ La Muschi, throbbing, lies back submerging her aching, sex filled body into the now cooler bath water.  Laura climbs out of the bath with a satisfied look on her face and wraps her wet, naked self in a bath robe.

original erotica

La Muschi, recovering, follows Laura and, pulling open the robe, wraps herself around her lover´s nearly dry body. ‘Aw, now I´m wet again,’ Laura mumbles.  ‘Don´t blame me!’ La Muschi winks. They laugh and drying each other off decide that another drink is in order.

‘Shit. I think my friend has company,’ La Muschi whispers in Laura’s ear. ‘Maybe we can have a bit of fun.’

Laura looks at her woman and raises her eyebrows. She contemplates what she thinks La Muschi is suggesting, based on previous experience and, after some thought, decides that a bit of adult viewing whilst masturbating might be a nice twist to their night so far. It’s been a while after all.

They grab another bottle of ice-cold champagne from the fridge and four fresh glasses and make their way quietly towards the living room.

Without saying a word they sneak in silently.

Still blindfolded, you are unaware of the additional female presence and your lady friend is riding your hard cock with such passion, that you feel an orgasm coming on. So, you quickly release yourself from inside her and she watches as your sperm covers her stomach while she lays naked on the sofa before you. Laura blushes a little having walked in on the ‘crucial moment’ between the two lovers and suddenly La Muschi´s flatmate opens her eyes. She smiles and runs to the bathroom to quickly freshen up, leaving you bewildered, but satisfied and still none the wiser on the sofa.

‘Don’t move,’ she says. You couldn´t even if you wanted to. ‘I´ll be right back’.

La Muschi removes Laura’s bathrobe and again, wrapping her arms around Laura, begins to caress her pussy softly as they observe you. You stroke your cock gently and taking deep breaths, wonder whether now is a good time to remove the scarf.

Just as you are about to, your lover comes back and stops you in your tracks. She kisses you and whispers something in your ear. You sit up and she climbs onto the sofa behind you. Her body smells fresh and her warm breasts rest against your back. ‘Just relax for a minute,’ she requests.

La Muschi, staring at her flatmate, sucks one of her fingers seductively and slides it inside Laura. Laura spreads her legs slightly without making a sound, allowing La Muschi to delve deeper.

To be continued…

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