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The history of humankind is mirrored by the history of erotica. Ever since we discovered art, the ability to craft abstracts with our hands or invent stories, the nature of sex and sexuality has been a constant theme of those artistic, creative endeavors. It’s been part of all the technological innovations too.

With paint and the paintbrush came the classic nudes of old; with the tools necessary for carving shapes from solid blocks of stone came MORE of the classic nudes of old. As soon as someone invented the camera, someone else thought, ‘Hey, I bet this would be great for capturing the images of naked ladies!’ With the video camera came the notion, ‘Hey, I bet this would be great for capturing the MOVING images of naked ladies!’ And we all know where we are with the Internet. And over all that time, it was just nudes that captivated our minds… it was sex. The history of art is the history or erotica.

Of course, erotica doesn’t just refer to artistic representations of sexuality; it also refers to the toys we use, the objects we employ or venerate, the people, toys and objects we fetishize. Erotica is where the sexual and the intellectual meet and at we like to celebrate all of that, with original erotic stories, sex toy reviews and much, much more. Join us, as we continue to take erotica into the future.


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