The Salon Erotico de Barcelona 2014 Kicks Off

October 3, 2014
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“Touch me,” said Spanish porn legend Nacho Vidal to a couple of giggly girls on the surprisingly pretty — and fittingly touching — promotional video for the Salon Erotico de Barcelona 2014 Klic-Klic.

This festival, known by many as one of the most important erotic events in Europe, is essentially a way for fans to meet, watch live performances, take pictures and interact with the porn stars they’ve become very familiar with in their private lives.

The Salon Erotico de Barcelona 2014 Kicks Off

The Salon Erotico seems to be where sleazy meets sweet, in a way. I mean, sure, it might not sound easy to rationalize this as “sweet” when you have porn stars performing in tons of aggressive orgies on stage, but it is all about the fans, and the unbridled excitement you see in their eyes when they get to talk and take a photo with their favorite adult entertainer is a rare innocent moment in an industry not necessarily known for them.

All the major Spanish porn companies are represented here, and all of them have stages where several of their biggest names dance, strip and have sex for the enjoyment of everyone.

But it’s not just about the starlets. The Salon Erotico is an international meeting point for all parts of the adult industry. Porn companies, of course, but also sex toys, body paint, swingers clubs, BDSM clubs, sex art, and all sorts of novelty products are being sold and promoted here. Basically anything related to sex will certainly be on display at the Salon Erotico.

A lot of these things are fun and interactive, too. A Barcelona BDSM club named Rosas Cinco, for instance, promoted their place by sitting you on a chair and putting the virtual reality headset Oculus Rift on you, where you can see yourself sitting on one of their actual rooms and have a dom whipping you while you watch a show.

The event is also a very welcoming place for anyone whose kinks are a little more unusual and wants to be able to truly let their freak flags fly out in the open. What perhaps would be frowned upon in normal society is completely allowed — and encouraged! — at the Salon Erotico. Say you got a friend who’s a little person and you’d like to wear sexy, tight matching outfits with him? The Salon Erotico is the perfect place for you. Perhaps you’re an older man, pulling a cage containing another person, and wearing strategically placed pieces of rope that’ll allow people to see your wrinkly ass? There’s no place for it like the Salon Erotico.

Now, while the show was very much on, I have to admit the first day seemed a little slow in terms of people (it does start on a Thursday at 4 pm), so only the die-hards — and the unemployed? — were there from the beginning, but things do promise to heat up over the next few days, as the weekend arrives and everyone gets a little more in the mood.

BaDoink Magazine will be there each day, reporting for you. Stay tuned…

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  1. This must have been crazy. The smell of all that sex would have put me right off.

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