Rebecca More’s Sex Tour of England

October 22, 2014
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Porn star Rebecca More

Americans invented the Bang Bus and it appears the British have their own literal pick-up truck thanks to Rebecca More.

The Brit MILF porn star is currently touring the length and girth of her homeland and laying the lucky winners of a competition that saw thousands of entries for a brand new Television X show; the imaginatively titled Sex Tour of England (where “Rebecca is ready and waiting to shag the lot of you”).

The first weekend saw Rebecca stop off in the cities of Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds to welcome the first batch of winners into the fold. Reports had her boasting of banging 10 guys on the first day alone. They say less is more, but obviously More is all you need.

The wider public have been urged to get involved via #DoRebecca and as a result, Rebecca’s show is (fittingly) a TV exec’s wet dream. Sex Tour of England isn’t the perfect form, but it has everything that modern mainstream TV needs for ratings: sex, reality, social media interaction and a big-boobed MILF thrown in for good measure. Think American Idol meets The Bachelor in a mobile orgy. Ker-ching!

Inevitably, this Herculean sexual undertaking has left local politicians and your usual bunch of outraged folks clamouring over themselves to condemn the truckstop tour as “prostitution”. Those who took part on day one seemed to enjoy themselves enough though, even Britain’s most heavily tattooed man.


The show’s director, the mononymous Macondo, was also responsible for Tanya Tate’s Sex Tour of Ireland, in which the starlet does almost exactly the same thing except in Ireland. Maybe it’s about time the US took notes and made the ultimate American Road Movie…

Sex Tour of England finishes in London on October 25th, where Rebecca will probably sit on a stack of ice bags for a few minutes at least. She’s certainly raised the bar in her adventures. What’s next: Bi-plane blowjobs? Wind-tunnel wanking? The next few years could be a lot of fun.

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