Mistress Megara Furie Talks ATVOD Censorship

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Mistress Megara Furie Talks ATVOD Censorship

The British press and social media got their cogs spinning earlier this week when the first two publicized casualties of the UK’s porn censorship laws hit the wires.

Mistress Megara Furie – based in Glasgow, Scotland – and Mistress R’eal – based near Cardiff, Wales – became the high-profile faces of a debate that has carried on with no sign of abatement since December 2014, the point at which said laws were brought in.

Regulars will be aware that we covered the issue extensively and kept up the reporting of the various protests – led by Charlotte Rose – and the reaction of sex workers and performers across the British Isles and beyond.

It’s easy enough to deride the laws as draconian, unfair… stupid even… and many will speak on behalf of Mistresses Furie and R’eal under the assumption that they too are as as frustrated as they are. But sure enough, peek behind the curtains, grab an opinion straight from the source of the Nile and things look a little different. When we first reached out to the censored Mistresses we expected a volley of return fire that would pour scorn and vitriol on the British government and their censors.

But Mistress Furie’s reply to our line of questioning took us a little by surprise. This isn’t to say that the sex biz should incorporate the hivemind and follow one strand of thought. Mistress Furie’s perspective on the issue is a fresh, concise and fair. While the British press focused primarily on the censorship aspect and not the underlying issues.

So, without further ado. Mistress Megara Furie…

Both you and Mistress R’eal are the first publicised cases of UK performers/workers who have had their work censored since the ATVOD rulings. How does that make you feel?

I feel like it was a fair judgement on my part. I was unaware that I had to register and pay a fee but that was down to improper research on my part and the information could have been easier to find on their site. The media concentrated on prohibited content so that also threw me.

The judgement on prohibited content against me was on an old clip which showed a ball kick and the equivalent of a shaving cut on the guy’s testicle. This bled and then put the content into the ‘prohibited’ category. I held my hands up to that. In movies all blood is simulated so I can see how this could offend. The breach concerning making content available to minors made me sick to my stomach. I am vehemently against anything of this nature. I find the idea abhorrent. However, the breach referred to clips4sale accepting debit cards for payment which means people under 18 can access clips. Although it sounds worse than it is, this was an oversight on my part which has led me to look at more robust sites. Not just because of ATVOD but for my own peace of mind also.

Tell us a little of how events unfolded. Were you contacted by ATVOD personally and ordered to remove the content in question?

I was sent a letter with full details of the breach. I naturally panicked as I had a limited time frame to respond and the letter arrived on a weekend when their offices were closed. I then consulted with a friend of mine who has experience with ATVOD and clip sales – Mistress Miranda – and closed my store immediately and called ATVOD when they opened to apologize and find out what other action was required. I spoke with a lovely lady there who talked me through and advised I put everything in writing. I then received a response from James Storm who assured me I was no longer in breach and kindly agreed not to publish personal details dues to my concerns for privacy and safety of me and others in my building.

The implication from these events is that ATVOD sit and browse/watch a lot of porn in a vain attempt to find something worth censoring. What message would you like to send to ATVOD in that regard? Do you worry that their rules, regulation and enforcement may spin out of control?

Just like police have to sit and go through everything on a suspected pedophile’s computer – no matter how harrowing the content may be. I understand this as being a necessary part of their job in order to collect evidence. I do worry that the controls will become tighter but will have to cross that bridge when it comes.

Do events like these make you fear for your future and career?

I don’t fear for my future career. I am a responsible, caring and professional Dominatrix. I take great pride in my work and have been pushed to be extra vigilant in what I sell online and how I sell this. I’m thankful for that if I’m honest and have also gained a lot of publicity from these events which is never a bad thing as the saying goes.

Given that Britain goes to the ballot box today (5/7) and both leading parties are keen on further censorship may we see the entire UK porn industry go bust over the next five years?

I can’t say either way. I don’t vote myself so I have no idea what will happen. There has to be a line though and I think it would be a keen idea to have more consultations with prominent members of the kink scene before making any further rulings on legislation. A body to represent the scene would be a good idea to have set up where we could have spokespeople fighting on the behalf of us like you would have a trade union.

What’s next for you after this? Has the interference of ATVOD taken the gloss of a career and livelihood that has made you the person you are today?

Next is just getting on with my life, taking care of business and making sure my clients are happy, loyal and unaffected by this. I don’t see there is any gloss removed. I will shine regardless.

I have no ill feelings about what happened. I am thankful that things like the debit card acceptance were brought to my attention so I can make sure my clips are only seen by those old enough to handle them.

BaDoink approached Mistress R’eal for comment but did not receive a reply at time of publishing.

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