Interview: Michael Faddis, Executive Director of Thrust Health

August 17, 2014
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Sex is an Exercise. Thrust™ is a 20-Week Training Program Designed for Couples.”

Would you agree that sex appeal is the motivation behind most people’s fitness goals? 

Honestly, no – and that’s part of the problem.  As a former Olympic Strength Coach – I noticed everyone has different goals and motivations to exercise and health maintenance.  People at any level can struggle with motivation.

Interview: Michael Faddis, Executive Director of Thrust Health
Michael Faddis, Executive Director of Thrust Health

“Motivation is at the crux of health behavior performance and thus, to a great extent, health. It is postulated that understanding motivation is key to the health-promotion efforts of physical activity.” (Dishman and Sallis, 1994)

We’re setting out to change the way ‘every-day’ people think about sex and fitness.  Simply put, sex is an exercise.  Thrust™ is a sport-specific training program designed for couples to get results where it matters most.

Is this how Thrust was conceived?

It’s funny, the light bulb moment occurred while I was working on another entrepreneurial effort in corporate wellness.  As a joke, “a fitness routine to improve sex?” gathered a few laughs.  After a few minutes, the gears were already turning.

After 3 years of R&D and $500,000 in funding – I think it’s fair to say we’re having fun, but Thrust is no joke.  240 million people have sex each day, 1 in 3 men prematurely reach climax, and up to 75% of women struggle to reach climax!   All kidding aside, the world needs Thrust!

Dr. John Martin describes Thrust as being able to improve sexual dysfunction and libido, how so?

Progressive Adaptive Resistance Training™ – PART is a groundbreaking new system founded upon generally accepted principles of exercise science.

With the Thrust™ Exercises and our 3 PART™ System you’ll get results via a series of focused goals.  The first phase, PART One increases blood flow with targeted vasodilation.  Next, PART Two boosts libido and stamina by focusing on decreasing cortisol levels and targeted weight-loss.  Last up, PART Three introduces maximum resistance to on improve hormone regulation, hypertrophy, and more.

Interview: Michael Faddis, Executive Director of Thrust Health

How does Thrust compare to other forms of exercise that have been dubbed as beneficial to sexual health such as yoga?

Yoga is great for flexibility, balance, and coordination. About 20-30% of  Thrust™ exercises incorporate yoga(esque) movements.  Unfortunately, yoga poses are limited to your body-weight.

‘Load-bearing’ resistance training is a major component to our method.  Thrust™ propels you through an entire 18-week “periodized” program, which incorporates the most effective exercises from pilates, yoga, resistance-training, cardio-circuits, Olympic lifting, and even kegels. Thrust™ is designed from the ground-up to transform any fitness novice into an athlete—built to perform in and out of the bedroom.

Can you see Thrust taking off as a gym based workout or is it more of a “behind closed doors” kind of thing? I’m imagining some slightly compromising positions…

We engineered the entire 18-week program for people to exercise in the privacy of their home AND get gym quality results. That alone is a huge innovation in Exercise Science.  Many of the founders, myself included, do Thrust™ in the gym.  I love it.

Compromising?  Thrust™ is certainly filled with stimulating exercises and positions. Add to that our sexy instructors and things can get steamy, but Thrust™ is about the fitness. It’s always classy.

At this point, our early-contributors are seeing results within the comfort of the home.  As we grow, we’ll encourage everyone to step outside their comfort zone.  Parks, gyms, offices – it’s all possible. Really, you can Thrust™ just about anywhere!

Interview: Michael Faddis, Executive Director of Thrust Health

Are the routines tailored to men and women separately? 

The 18-week Thrust™ Fitness program is designed for couples to exercise together. By getting hot and sweaty during the workout, couples are motivating one another and breaking down barriers to accomplish unbelievable goals and climaxes.  Essentially, Thrust is like “pushing the restart button” on your relationship.

How has the Indiegogo campaign helped to get word out there?

Prior to our campaign launch early June, only 20-30 people were ‘in-the-know’. We were very cautious throughout development.  Crowd funding is a great opportunity for our Company to build a founder’s community.

Now, thanks to nearly 200 early-supporters and over $50,000 in funding we’re gaining momentum with new opportunities every day.  We’re looking forward to rolling out the entire Thrust™ program later this fall.

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