Interview: LittleRedBunny – Whiskey, Beauty & Sophistication

February 22, 2015
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Interview: LittleRedBunny - Whiskey, Beauty & Sophistication

Winning awards can mean a lot of things to different people. For some, it’s the vindication of time spent hard at work, carving out your own particular niche and being recognized for that success. For others, it’s the culmination of their achievements and they consider the granting of an award as the thumbs up for a slide into comfort and/or early retirement. Hey, there are some who don’t even win anything in their lives, so make the most of it!

For somebody like LittleRedBunny, the entrancing, fire-haired and Goddess-like cam model, winning an award is only the beginning. After picking up Best Cam Girl at the Sex Awards 2013 and Favorite Webcam Girl at 2014’s AVNs, Bunny is hopping to Barcelona’s Live Cam Awards in March 2015 looking to secure even more plaudits for her hard work, dedication and unrivaled beauty.

To say that Bunny is pleased with how she has hoovered up awards and nominations in the past couple of years is an understatement.

“I am so flattered. I would have never dared to expect anything like that,” she tells BaDoink. “Especially since I always believed I attracted a smaller niche of people.

“Those awards were voted by fans, so to me, the honor is huge because it means all the love, passion, and dedication I put into this is being received and appreciated, and that people truly enjoy me, and what I share with them.

“Those who visit regularly are the biggest presents I could ever hope for. They’re so wonderfully loyal, and they may not realize it, but they have a direct effect on my life and my opportunities, and I will never be thankful enough. Camming to me is not a job, it’s a lifestyle, and it feels great to know that you’re appreciated. It keeps me going, and confirms that I’m at the right place doing the right thing. Let’s just say it feels like a huge hug and I want this feeling to last forever.”

It’s not difficult to see just why Bunny is so respected and revered by her fans and the community at large. Bunny offers more than a simple and overdone striptease followed by the usual stylistic visitations. Where others may perform via the usual methods and tricks, Bunny approaches both her work, her lifestyle and fans with the same approach. It’s one that combines her love of “old music, vintage furniture, dance, yoga, eroticism, and art” with a sexual energy that crackles and sparks whenever Bunny is in the line of sight.

Interview: LittleRedBunny - Whiskey, Beauty & Sophistication

Eschewing the usual reams of boring market research, or simply trying to copy other successful models, Bunny saw the benefits of simply diving right in. After all, why desperately copy somebody else’s pattern for success? The variety is what keeps us coming back for more in our droves, every single day. Bunny’s down-to-earth qualities, ease of conversation and willingness to engage is not so much a trap as sweet honey spread upon crushed velvet and wrapped around your eyes. It’s a dive into the unknown, but with a permanent blanket of security of comfort underneath. That’s Bunny all over.

“I’ve always enjoyed performing on stage, whether it was music or ballet, and dancing in front of thousands of guests every night brings back the same feeling, but with the added benefits of entertaining via sensuality, humor and socializing.

“When I first started, I honestly was at the bottom of the ladder, and I stood apart from other cammers because of the feel and approach that I created for my room. Some of the other models judged me for my ways, and they boasted about how hard I would fail.

“However, despite it all, I kept my integrity, and I kept believing that it was best for me to do what I liked, and the way I liked it, versus catering to what other people thought would be most lucrative and successful. Through the years, my followers continued to grow, and here I am. My key ingredients were simply integrity, authenticity, confidence, passion, and love for what I do.”

Bunny saw her introduction to the world of cam modeling as akin to an artistic brainstorm upon a virgin canvas. Mystery mixed with sweet promise.

Those of you lucky enough to have allowed Bunny into your life (and for those of you that will as soon as you finish with this article!) may quickly discover a common theme. Fans of Boardwalk Empire, the Fallout video game series, or indeed anything with that good ol’ ‘Roaring 20s’ vibe, may find their heart swell and thump upon their first visit to Bunny’s boudoir.

The attraction to that period of time is somewhat obvious. If the Buscemi-starring former HBO series was anything to go by, life at the top was one of luxury, subtle sexuality (at times!) and a laissez-faire attitude to a number of other things. There’s a reason it was roaring after all. Bunny is more than happy to tell us she was well into this style long before the mainstream stepped up their efforts in the last couple of years. Bunny doesn’t want to set the world on fire, she just wants to start a flame in your heart.

Interview: LittleRedBunny - Whiskey, Beauty & Sophistication

“It’s what my visitors prefer. Nothing was particularly intentional. My online room was playing jazz from the 20’s to 60’s way before the game Fallout 3 came out, and my cozy room with the dim lighting and vintage wood furniture ambiance was there long before Boardwalk Empire and The Great Gatsby movie came out.

“I wouldn’t particularly classify myself to one specific era; I just think my taste in mostly everything seems to naturally relate to that era. Perhaps I should dig deeper into the reasons why myself. Primarily, I wanted the atmosphere of the room to be what I think is suitable for a sensual, erotic, and romantic experience, and most of my apartment is decorated pretty much the same way. I like nice fabric and lace; and whether online or offline, I maintain a classy look and demeanor. Now don’t get me wrong, there is a wild side behind all this too, but that I keep mostly for when I get on the private side of things.”

It all sounds a little too perfect, but Bunny really is a woman of her word. She’s even an expert when it comes to the fine art of whiskey. Frankly, you either get whiskey or you don’t. For some it’s a sharp, perfume-laced coughing trap. For others like Bunny, it’s the open door to sophistication, taste and effortless cool.

“The one I sip the most frequently would be Crown Royal,” she enthuses. “However, I like a few others too. Some of my favorite bourbons would be Blanton’s, Basil Hayden’s and Woodford Reserve. Bulleit is quite nice too actually. As for Scotch, I sometime like the smokiness of a Laphroaig, or the smoothness of Macallan, Balvenie, Glenmorangie. There are so many! I believe in tailoring your drink with your mood. That’s how your drink tastes even better.”

Is it just us or do we sense the Dream Woman klaxon pealing loudly around the city? Sophisticated, intelligent, beautiful and more than versed in the methods of having honest, raw and passionate fun. Be still, our beating hearts.

The image of an Ian Fleming-esque femme fatale is hard to shake from the mind. The lithe temptress patting the corner of the bed as Billie Holiday draws you towards a bedside table topped with two tumblers of fine whiskey. Now THERE is something to hold onto during the long nights.

Although many do see her as a Bond girl in waiting, Bunny is not so keen on the secretive modes of the assassin. Her weapons of choice, as she tells us, are her “burning passion and sensuality. Nothing dresses up better than that, right? With charm, you can knock someone out with the simplest thing.”

But with one foot in the past, albeit stylistically, our Bunny is all about the future. The Live Cam Awards are another chance for her to stake a claim as the hottest cam model around, while her own take on the future is as exciting as the lady herself.

Interview: LittleRedBunny - Whiskey, Beauty & Sophistication

“After winning the two previous awards, this year has been incredibly busy, but on a totally different level than before. I embraced the opportunities that came from it; from doing interviews, to attending conventions, creating and developing my personal website, trying to be more present on social media, and other things, so my time spent online is less than it used to be.

“I’m still trying to adjust to this new pace, and managing all the projects that require my attention and time. Hopefully, it didn’t affect my fan base too much, especially since I know how loyal they are, so I’m praying hard and crossing my fingers that despite last year’s changes, I still stand a chance to win.”

For Bunny, with eyes on establishing a more intimate member site at, it would be remiss of the show’s judges to overlook the woman who will be a designated ‘Red Carpet Star’ at the awards themselves. For somebody who dived in feet first without a care for the consequences (“Who knows, maybe I’ll end up performing elsewhere than just on webcam?”) and made a stellar success of herself, her advice may just be worth listening to. Aspiring models, lend us your ears…

“You will never know what you like if you don’t try it, and to give it a fair shot, you have to do it at least a few weeks. Like anything in life, you can be successful if you do it for the right reasons, and in the range you are comfortable with. This includes how you want to present yourself, your willingness, and your schedule.

“You are in control of everything, so while you can get inspired or learn from others, your best tool and key to success is to dig into who you are, what you like, and be as creative as you want. Don’t be afraid to explore, and remember, you can never please everybody, so just stay focused on what you want, how you want it, and enjoy doing it.”

In a few short sentences, this most inspiring, alluring and gratifying of ladies has summed up the entire ethos of what her industry should be about. It’s time to grab this Bunny’s tail and be taken along for the ride.

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