Interview: Australia’s Rising Star Molly Dae

August 10, 2014
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The porn industry is known for its quickly spinning revolving door of characters. Some last the pace, many don’t. So it’s always a nice surprise when one of the more recent entrants to the lobby of Porn HQ is Molly Dae, Australia’s newest and brightest starlet.

Blonde, tall, slim, beautiful and vastly intelligent, Molly is a world away from John Q. Public’s perception of what it takes to make a real go of it in the industry. She’s almost the personification of a ‘femme fatale’, the new Nico, ready to entrance you with those perfect looks before keeping you in place with a sharp mind.

After spending her childhood in Liverpool, England, Molly and her family decamped to New Zealand for a few years, before she eventually settled in Brisbane, Australia.

A former personal trainer with ambitions to be a yoga teacher, Molly is as likely to discuss personal fitness, her views on the industry and the reactions it garners from the public, her wildest fantasies and the teachings of Carl Jung and various strands of Eastern spiritual philosophy as any other topic. Sometimes even within minutes of each other. Her body is lined in various places with colourful tattoos that match her impulsive and multi-faceted character.

Since her first shoot with Bright Desires in May 2014, Molly has gone on to film over 20 scenes. Currently on a long and exhausting jaunt across the grand old European continent, she has worked with Pierre Woodman in Budapest, the UK’s Yuffie Yulan for the ever-popular Cosplay Babes website and Birmingham’s Killergram, with plenty more besides in the pipeline.

Recent shoots with Spanish siren Amarna Miller and one of the UK’s leading private dicks, Luke Hotrod, have seen Molly come on in leaps and bounds in a very short time.

Interview: Australia's Rising Star Molly Dae

Most excitingly, perhaps even most importantly, is the long-awaited shoot with fem porn doyenne Lucie Blush, who will be intertwined sweetly with Molly in both her first on-camera and lesbian experience later this month in Barcelona. It’s a charmed life, isn’t it?

Meeting in a spacious hotel room in Birmingham, carpet replete with a red wine stain courtesy of a gravitational error from yours truly, Molly opened up to BaDoink on a typically wide range of topics.

The first question, the big question, is of course: “just how did you get into this business?” Everybody has their story to tell, right? Molly’s story, much like the lady herself, is quick and to the point.

“Because I hated my job and I liked having sex!” she laughs. “There was a time when I was watching a shitload of porn and going on a lot of benders. I’d lost a few jobs by this point, decided to go into real estate, fucking hated it and thought ‘fuck it… I’ll do porn instead!’ The best thing about getting into porn is that I get to have sex and make money doing it without being a prostitute. I also like that I get to make money doing something fun!”

Ah yes, that’s very much the dream, isn’t it? The digital age version of running away to join the circus; get tetchy behind a desk in an abrasive and uncomfortable suit, then just think “fuck this” (literally and figuratively) and allow yourself to be pulled into the orbit of Planet Porn.

Then there are the reactions. For some, porn has not left the mouldy backrooms of some nefarious gangster’s speakeasy. Some don’t see the multi-billion dollar industry revving loudly and perpetually behind it, nor do they see the extent of the high standards of safety and quality that the vast majority of producers, directors and actors have become accustomed to.

Molly experienced what many like her probably have before: the slew of mixed reactions. Was it good, bad or just indifferent?

“Very mixed. Very, very mixed,” she says. “My mum is in counselling to cope with it but she’s getting to grips with it and doing well. I’m proud of her.

“My friends? I’ve only told a couple of them and surprisingly, the one who reacted the worst was the person I expected to be the least strange about it. So yeah, really, really mixed reactions from people.”

All par for the course in the life of a soon-to-be porn superstar, but conversely, it’s all water off a duck’s back to Molly. While she cherishes the opinions of friends and family, if anybody else has something bad to say, well… they can just take the long road and walk it.

“I don’t give a fuck what a lot of people think about me or the choices I’ve made and will continue to make. Not in the slightest.

“Well, unless the person matters to me. If I like or respect a person then what they think matters to me hugely but if I don’t then I don’t give a shit what they think.”

Interview: Australia's Rising Star Molly Dae

Making that transition from office drone selling houses like some kind of structurally-obsessed Stepford Wife to a porn actress must have been something of a shock though; moving from relative anonymity and into the arena where you are viewed mainly as an object of lust, fantasy and desire; a piece of meat to be cooked rare or well-done. Does it feel weird?

“It doesn’t. I’ve always been so honest with myself and other people, that if people wish to view me in that sense, and obviously they do, it’s not of any relevance to me, it doesn’t affect me negatively in any way.

“If it brings someone pleasure then that’s great, and if it provokes a negative reaction from somebody then that’s their negative reaction, not mine.”

A girl after our own hearts!

Very much the archetypal ‘free spirit’ with no inhibitions, Molly’s first few shoots encompassed the more feminist/ethical end of the spectrum. Solo scenes went hand in… erm …hand with films that purported to offer a glimpse at the more intimate side of sex.

Scenes for the likes of Ersties, Yank, Beautiful Agony and I Feel Myself, sites that cater towards the more ‘organic’ form of pornography, looked to set Molly up on a certain path. But her trip to Europe has seen her take part in shoots that have more in common with mainstream porn: dolled-up girls, rougher scenes and the focus on the woman as an object. Was this a conscious change in her approach to the industry? Furthermore, is it a sign that the ever-burgeoning fem/ethical porn scene is not a viable way to make a living?

No, it’s not a conscious change on my part. The only person I worked with in Budapest (Pierre Woodman) was someone who I had been communicating with for a long time and whose stuff I’ve watched personally. It was a choice to shoot for someone whose porn I would choose to watch myself as opposed to a decision in regards to working in feminist or ethical pornography.

“But people can and do make a living from fem porn. People like Michelle Flynn, Lucie Blush and the owner of Bright Desire. I’m not sure she’d appreciate me saying her real name here!”

It’s natural to have reservations or fears about working in such a public and demanding industry. Any number of horror stories can be found relating to people who have pushed themselves too far, or been cajoled into performing acts they are more than reticent about. But thankfully, Molly has her head very firmly screwed on. This is one girl you don’t want to mess with.

Interview: Australia's Rising Star Molly Dae

“My main worry about working in porn is not making as much money as I used to!” she giggles. “I don’t have any concerns about my health or safety. I always do a lot of research and take my time in choosing who I want to work for and with. Even after a few months of working there have been huge amounts of “nos” to people purely based on gut feeling. This is even without meeting the people. There’s a lot I’ve said no to because it didn’t feel right, but in the same sense there’s a lot of people I’d love to work with who don’t want to work with me, so it goes both ways I guess.”

When our discussion swings towards matters concerning the naysayers’ view of porn, and the unrealistic expectations it may put upon ordinary people, Molly becomes very animated. It’s a subject she has a lot to say about.

A lot of organisations, particularly the British Government, appear determined to prevent any form of access to Internet porn. From putting pressure on ISPs to drafting draconian bills that limit the public’s access to material. Even the Tor network has come under fire and suspicion from the authorities, with the out-of-control monitoring bods of GCHQ trying their hardest to break in and uncover the sweet, illicit fruit from within.

But it can be hard to argue at times that porn has the ability to warp perceptions of people who are either too easily influenced or simply not properly equipped to deal with what they are viewing. Molly has a typically honest and up-front reaction to the issue.

“I agree that, when it comes to mainstream pornography, sexual ethics and expectations can be distorted. I think the majority of what we see out there is portraying unrealistic expectations for both males and females. But in some cases I think for a male to expect someone who has only had sex once or twice, maybe never, to perform the way that female performers do is damaging to both sexes. The fact that all male porn stars have ridiculously huge cocks is damaging to the self-esteem of young males. For females, it gives them unrealistic expectations as to why they don’t enjoy sex as much as they think that they should. Because obviously the first few times you have sex it’s not that great, it never is!

“So I think the unrealistic expectations they do have would lead to them being increasingly disappointed, and especially when it comes to things like oral and anal. If the guy thinks he can just perform it the way it’s done on camera it’s gonna really fucking hurt the girl. Then the girl, from that point onwards, is going to think that it’s a painful experience when it’s actually very pleasurable when done properly.

“I would hope that what I do isn’t unnatural. I recently had someone complain that I didn’t make enough noise, which pissed me off because it would have been unnatural for me to have actually made any more noise! I don’t feel comfortable in shooting scenes in which I’m not truly expressing how I’m feeling.”

Interview: Australia's Rising Star Molly Dae

So what can be done to avoid this? Despite people’s best efforts, you can’t reasonably expect to BAN legal pornography (if you’re reading this in the future, it was great; we had a blast with it all. Sorry!). Is there a solution to this, a way to keep the would-be puritans off our collective backs?

“Yeah, absolutely there is: by promoting real sex! To be honest, ‘fem porn’ isn’t particularly a term I subscribe to solely because the connotations attached to the word ‘feminist’ are different for me. But what is effectively ‘fem porn’ is trying to promote is just that: realistic expectations of sexuality and to give the people the opportunity to view, experience and enjoy things they might ordinarily consider taboo.

“A lot of people seem to still have a major problem in even discussing sex and sexuality. Schools have sex education but it can leave people wanting. I went to high school in New Zealand and, ironically, while there was a high standard of sex-ed it still has one of the highest teen pregnancy rates in the world! So obviously what they’re doing isn’t working!”

Phew! Let’s all take a minute to wipe our brows. That was some serious discussion, but having a performer so aware of herself and the industry she’s a part of is always a blessing, right?

Let’s move back onto matters of the flesh. That is, after all, why we’re here. If Molly was more than ready to proffer her opinion on the industry itself, she’s faced with a series of tough choices when asked about her ideal scene. The cogs of her mind whir for a minute or two, her well-defined and flawless face furrows in concentration.

“That’s a tricky one. That’s a really, really tricky one. I can’t tell you the ‘who’… but I can tell you the what. That’s only because there’s too many people out there I’d love to work with! Ideal scene would be with a woman… Emma Mae from the US is probably the hottest chick around… but I don’t know if I could do a scene with her because I’d feel so ugly… anyway, off-topic… it would be with a girl, and the girl would make me orgasm while a male is watching… definitely not wanking and definitely not allowed to touch… just watching… and then as soon as the girl has made me orgasm then the guy jumps in and fucks me.”

Interview: Australia's Rising Star Molly Dae

Whoa, whoa, whoa… Slow down, maestro! Where can a fella sign up to this most magic of carpet rides? No wonder so many people are falling at her feet in adulation and to pay tribute. The question is, will we actually be lucky enough to see this? How long does the wonderful Molly Dae plan to stick around and entice us for?

“I don’t know. If I can make a viable living from it then I think, maybe, three years would be ideal if I can, but I need to finish my yoga teacher training as well so in an ideal situation I would be shooting some porn while teaching yoga classes

“I don’t worry about my porn work making things difficult for the rest of my life, in terms of jobs and all that. Not at all. I have no desire to work with children and I have no desire to work for the government.”

Last, but by no means least, a woman with such an expansive, daring and attractive view on life, the universe and everything must come stocked with mottos, challenges, phrases; the whole kit and caboodle. Indeed, you need only take the most cursory of glances at Molly’s left arm to see that she well and truly wears her heart on her sleeve. Taking centre stage on her arm is a tattoo that reads ‘I am not this body, I am spirit soul’.

“I guess I have a few mottos but this one means so much to me,” she says, scanning her arm and reading it again as if for reassurance. “‘I am not this body I am spirit soul’ – I got this tattooed on my arm as reminder that when I feel down about my body image or anything else the world might care to throw at me that I can get through it by applying this belief in my mind to the situation.

“I also like to abide by not making promises you can’t keep!”

And that’s where we are. In an industry that pushes aesthetics and body image over all else, Molly Dae is here to provide a philosophical angle to one of the more surreal parts of the human canon. Thinking and fucking? It’s what the Romantic movement was striving for! Just try not to fall in love too hard, eh?

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