Help Cytherea Get Back On Her Feet

February 19, 2015
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Help Cytherea Get Back On Her Feet

Adult star Cytherea has already smashed her crowd-funding target for an appeal designed to help her get back on her feet after being the victim of a horrific home invasion and sexual assault.

Cytherea and her family were the subjects of a terrifying ordeal at the hands of 18-year-old Qumaire Rainey, 18, Edward London, 17, and Casey Franks, 16.

With details too upsetting to re-publish here, Cytherea was taken to hospital while her family had to deal with the trauma of shock and a ransacked home. The three arrested suspects were finally apprehended the following day after another home invasion occurred.

Cytherea chose very bravely to waive her legal right to lifelong anonymity as a victim of sexual assault, uploading a frank and intimate video in which an evidently still shocked Cytherea tells those watching to stay safe and vigilant.

True to form, the adult community has rallied around Cytherea in her time of need. Joclyn Stone, among many others, offered their support and love. A crowd-funding campaign established to make the family’s transition back to some semblance of normality has already burst through its $10,000 glass ceiling and currently stands at $14,283 with 41 days left on the clock.


So if you’re feeling generous, donate a buck or two to one of the industry’s icons to shed the tiniest sliver of light on a dark time. While you’re there, consider Cytherea’s message and make sure that you too are maintaining a safe home for you and yours.

Cytherea also posted a sweet thank you video for the “overwhelming support” she has received in the aftermath of this awful crime.

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