Cute Animals on an Adult Site?

April 28, 2015
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Cute Animals on an Adult Site?

Adult media can be described in all sorts of ways, but quirky and adorable are two adjectives generally not attributed to it. The e-tail site GameLink, however, is changing that particular perception just in time for the Internet to be flooded with heavy discourse. So prepare for the merger of adult retail and cuddly animals.

According to the PR folks over at GameLink, the site will be offering a browser extension that’ll replace political postings from social media, deemed unsavory and vibe-harshing in relation to the pleasure of purchasing fine adult wares, with cute pictures of animals. This could mean piglets and pornography all in the same weekday evening.

Jeff Dillon, GameLink parent company’s vice president of business development, merrily declared, “With the presidential election coming up and all the other odd-year elections on the horizon, it’s safe to say we’re all going to be flooded with political postings on social media. To make things easier, we developed this browser extension that blocks all that political clutter and instead shows a cute picture of an animal!”

To access this zoological and sexy experience, navigate into GameLink’s site the first week of May and beyond and click the browser extension icon. It’s as easy as that, and according to the press release, just as simple to turn off, so long as you’re savvy enough to work a web browser (you’ve made it this far, haven’t you?). Users will be able to switch between cuddly animals and snuggly politics at will.

In a slightly tongue in cheek but also business astute statement, Dillon said, “we all get a lot of election information… so this gives everyone a chance to stop wasting time sifting through a lot of repetitive postings and get back to important things like downloading great adult movies!” That’s Internet pragmatism for you.

GameLink, a San Francisco born company birthed in 1993, is the prodigal son of shopping for adult online. The site offers a sterling and mammoth array of only the finest in adult entertainment, not to mention a play apparatus or two, products ranging from videos to fun time creams. Cuddly animal pictures aside, GameLink is a behemoth of sex commerce, its business tentacles happily shaking hands with the lion’s share of adult content sources.

We’ll have to see how this one plays out, but its foreseeable that GameLink’s functionality will remained unchanged, but a whole lot more folks will get a healthy dose of cute humor with their adult retail experience, and that’s definitely innovative in its own right. To be honest, who wants to be thinking about the state of political affairs while browsing for lubricants and battery operated companions? Possibly a few detractors will find the union of cute animals and pornographic paraphernalia unseemly, but really it’s a creative way of reminding us that the experience of purchasing adult content and toys can be lighthearted and comfy.

But also, the Internet just loves itself some damn fuzzy animals.

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