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#Adult Industry

Porn… It has been around forever. In days gone by it was a pretty loose and, yes, sometimes shady affair, but nowadays it has grown into one of the biggest and most well-regulated entertainment industries there is. If there was ever any need of adult entertainment’s breakthrough into mainstream society, then it has to be the wider fame of porn’s greatest stars and the almost constant appearance of stories regarding the industry in the mainstream press. Whether it’s talking about stars or statistics, mainstream media loves porn news.

The BaDoink brand is well respected in the adult entertainment sector, producing its own high quality scenes and providing access to some of the best adult entertainment via BaDoink VIP. It only makes sense, then, that Magazine would feature all the latest news coming out of the adult entertainment sector.

From censorship and the legal machinations of certain states against the industry, from arguments about condoms, to the latest innovations and news and interviews about the newest adult movers, shakers and stars, plus coverage of the latest sexpos, industry award shows and award winners, has everything you need to know about the world of porn and its colorful array of citizens. At we understand the adult industry and we want our readers to understand it too, especially as, like, it is here to stay.


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