Where Did The Guys Without Hang-ups Go?

August 7, 2014
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Single again and back in the dating world. But where to begin? I have been off the market for almost three years now. I don’t know any single and attractive men so I thought it would be fun to try one of the many dating sites out there: meetic.es. I set up a profile with a photo, full of enthusiasm and great expectations. I just had one rule – no contact with profiles without photos… what have those people got to hide anyway?

Luckily, you don’t just have to wait around; you can make things happen. So after browsing and looking through profiles I finally found the guy. Actually it was his abs that drew my attention… and the silver hair – it gave him that mature look I like on a man. His profile said he imagined the first date to be sharing a drink so I sent him an e-mail saying it would be nice to get to know him better over a glass of wine. It wasn’t long before he answered back. He wanted to know what part of Barcelona I was living in, to meet there the same night! And it was summer – let’s hope he turned up in one of those tight T-shirts that would mark his abs! And he did!

We met just around the corner from my house. He was seven minutes late but it was worth the wait. I could tell immediately that he worked out. I wouldn’t have minded if he wanted to hold me in those masculine strong arms, he was sexy. When we recognized each other and said hello it was clear we both liked what we had in front of us.

Where Did The Guys Without Hang-ups Go?

We found a quiet little restaurant and ordered mojitos. We didn’t really know anything about each other much more than what we could have read from our profiles as everything was going so fast. He said he worked in advertising and talked about that for a while. He was passionate about his work and I liked that. I excused myself to go and powder my nose and when I came back there was another mojito waiting for me. The evening was going fine.

He asked me about my experience on the dating site so far. He told me he had been unfairly accused of sending obscene e-mails to a woman and had then threatened the site with non-payment, so they had promoted him to premium user status. I told him I had only just signed up again and that he was my first – which was true. I had received uninteresting e-mails… but nothing obscene. We shared more unfortunate anecdotes. He complimented my cleavage and the fact I wasn’t picking my nose like his previous date. I had so much fun. He had a good sense of humor. The evening was coming to an end and so were the mojitos. I implied it was getting late and that I was going to say goodbye. He wouldn’t hear it. He insisted I joined him for dinner.

We took a walk down to the port and stopped at the restaurant called Mar de Bo. I had never been there before but it smelled delicious and we decided to stay. The menu was just amazing, so was the wine we ordered. Everything was going smoothly, we were both enjoying the evening. Nothing can go wrong when you have such good seafood paella with a perfect gentleman!

This time we talked about my work. He was intrigued to know more. I told him about an article I wrote on penis size, jealousy and paying for dinner. Of course, he wanted to know the conclusion. His face changed when I started answering. How was I to know he was going to change into a dragon in a second? In the classic story, Saint George killed the dragon and rescued the princess, showering her with roses! My George just made me feel how much you can bleed if you were pricked by a thorn. Yep, my George turned out to be a prick. Not only did he not pay for dinner, he said he didn’t feel bad about it, either, as he had done nothing wrong.

So I never found out what the problem was… whether or not he had a small dick, or that he just didn’t want to pay for dinner.

Where have all the gentleman gone?

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  1. I guess his six pack didn’t pay off in the end. But oh well.

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