What to Spend Your Cash On This Summer

July 18, 2014
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Summer has settled in, Internet friends, and the heat is beginning to melt away any hope of having mental faculties. This scorching season is a time when poor choices are made financially (and in all kinds of other ways), and for this reason, I’ve decided to share some wisdom not only on how to save cash but spend it in the smartest and most awesome ways possible.

As for other bouts of poor decision-making, you’re on your own (cause that’s what summer is for: regrettable, sweaty eventualities).

Saving tip #1: Stay clear of expensive booze halls. There is nowhere better to imbibe alcohol than your own front porch, or atop lawn chairs in your back/front yard. Don’t let your friends talk you out of a good six or twelve or microbrews, though, because those can be savored before drinking cheap beer (the savings align with how alcohol affects taste buds).

Saving Tip #2: DIY everything in your entertainment and culinary path. Websites like A Subtle Revelry and Buzzfeed are filled with crazy sweet projects either for making your iPhone into blasting little music machine, or get non-drip popsicles (hopefully at least half liquor). Also, the ninth ingenious food idea on www.woohome.com’s post about food hacks is simply perfect for a sweltering summer (they’re all pretty sweet, actually).

What to Spend Your Cash On This Summer

Saving Tip #3: Go outside. A lot. Summer moves slower, so you should too, especially when getting from place to place. Cars are basically heat death traps, and AC is terrible for you, so bike, walk, skate, hop, skip, and jump to work and other fun activities. If you can’t do these things, then find things to do within that distance (wiffle ball in the back yard? Free and better than getting in the car and spending far too much money anywhere).

Saving Tip #4: Include all crazy beer and barbecue expenditures in your budget, not as some imaginary side thing you’ll recoup when your job starts back up. Often we pull the, “It’s summer! Who cares!?” excuse, and our wallet suffers. Make an “Awesome Budget” and you won’t hate yourself later.

Saving Tip #5: Have a completely insane baller time of a summer. You’re inevitable going to fail at saving money, but you can at least spend on the right dumb activities and booze evenings. So, don’t skimp on fun things when it’s truly an impediment to your summer. For instance:

  • Don’t buy poorly produced meat products when you can help it. A few fewer good quality burgers is better than a pile of terrible, terrible meat.
  • Don’t buy lite beer. It’s awful and you’d be better off with some hefeweizens (even budget ones) for that crisp, refreshing beer experience.
  • Spend on hiking gear and swimming gear, and save up for gas, because you’re going to want to get out of that city or suburb or yours (but not to an expensive amusement park).
  • Don’t buy inside appliances. Any money for a big TV should be spent on an outdoor projector, or an outdoor speaker system. The sun’s working overtime for a reason.
  • Don’t skimp on that one vacation. That’s money that’ll purchase you lasting memories, and money saved is not going to make the rest of your summer any better. Any chance you have to utilize that cash for something epic should be used accordingly. Saving money is only really vital when it ups the quality of life, and not as an excuse for not doing stuff. That said, if you actually don’t have the money and need to save, then refer to my suggestions about just being outside.

Hope these basic and fun time tips help you guys. Nowadays, we’re very into our technology and information addiction; when you don’t spend money on your devices, you save yourself from the hold they have on you. A cheap summer is not a nervous time of counting pennies, but a freeing time when everything you need is out there in the sunny world. A frisbee costs ten bucks and is infinite fun. Summer’s a beckoning!

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