Your First Look At Lucifer, Frankenstein and Minority Report

May 13, 2015
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Your First Look At Lucifer, Frankenstein and Minority Report

Looks like Fox is gearing for quite a few big time TV shows. Well, we here at BaDoink have been keeping our fingers firmly on the pulse of brand spanking new shows. Which is why we want to make sure that you get your first peek at the trailers of the ones we’ve all been waiting for.


Following the mass migration from comic book to TV series, Lucifer – originally a comic by Sam Kieth, Mike Dringenberg, and Sandman writer Neil Gaiman – is also now soon to be another comic-turned-TV-series newbie. If you’re familiar with the comic then you’ll need no introduction but if you aren’t then you’ll be happy to know that in this version Lucifer Morningstar doesn’t play your regular devil. Bored of Hell, Lucifer leaves for LA, because you know, City of Angels and all, and plays nice with humans. Of course being Lucifer, shit happens and he ends up helping ridiculously hot homicide detective find the killer of his new friend. Either way, there are a lot of hot people with cheeky humor thrown in for good measure to expect.

The Frankenstein Code

Not exactly a direct copy of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, but it has the general theme along with the name. The show tells the story of 75 year-old Jimmy Pritchard who is murdered but brought back to life by two millionaire twins. I must mention that they’re of Indian decent and yet don’t have a weird South Indian accent, of which I am grateful. When Pritchard wakes up he’s shaved off a couple of decades and is a young hottie. A far cry from the sewn together, bolt wearing Frankenstein of Shelley. Off he goes to find out who murdered him by crashing through plate glass windows (because doors are just so bothersome) and going to Hollywood parties.

Minority Report

We’ve talked about Minority Report on BaDoink before, but this time around you get to check out the very first official trailer released by Fox. The movie turned TV crime drama series focuses on the time after the precogs have been relieved of their duties as precogs. Sort of a sequel to the movie. So far the trailer looks interesting enough. Can’t wait for it to premiere soon. All the above shows will be premeiering on Fox.

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