This Week’s Top TV Reviews: Stardate 3-3-14

March 4, 2014
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Finally, finally, my Internet friends, almost all of my shows are back on the air and delivering passable entertainment. Although not all my favorite programs returned, last week was a triumphant one for television addicts everywhere. Let’s dissect last week’s installment on the boob tube!


How I Met Your Mother was actually pretty good. Last week, the gang had to rush to cure Barney of the most epic of hangovers, and audiences were treated to a number of flashbacks in which Barney utilized a magic elixir, the ingredients of which remained a mystery. This led to some antics, of course, the ultimate payoff being Barney’s admission that love was the secret ingredient all along (sappy, but I’ll let it pass). Along the way, though, Ted guzzled a good ten pounds of bacon (have we never noticed he’s never eaten it before?), and Robin and Lily finally made out (the only way to wake a sleeping Barney). That last thing was super fun, because they took a joke they’ve been using since season one and gave it a nice twist. Watch till the end to have an uncommonly large laugh (for HIMYM) at least.

new girl
New Girl

A colleague recently went on a rant about how New Girl is filled with overused tropes, like the good bro and ditzy but charming lass, but I ignored this ranting and continued to enjoy the show (I aspire to be a good bro, myself). Last week was the continuation of Jess’ sister storyline, and the plot itself was predictable (“she’s going to ruin Schmidt”) but fun because Schmidt can make anything enjoyable. The better storyline was the Winston and Coach storyline; Winston has hit rock bottom and Coach has to be a good bro and help the poor bastard. I’m actually more interested to see what Winston does, because I’m dead certain I know how the Abby and Schmidt situation will reach its conclusion.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. didn’t air and I’m so angry at Joss Whedon, you guys.


However, I am pleased to continue being impressed by Community, even with the absence of Troy and Pierce. Annie and Shirley were not featured heavily in this episode, which was ok because Annie borrowed some of Abed’s meta-humor near the end of the installment. The three storylines were very weird and distinct, too, which was nice. Professor Duncan tried to hit on Britta, and realized his friendship with Jeff was more important (weak, Duncan, weak). Abed went berserk at Buzz Hickey which was pretty intense (never make Abed miss a movie), but realized Hickey was a valuable colleague for movie making (“bullets kinda just kill ya”). And then there was the best storyline, the one in which Chang kept encountering more and more ghosts or maybe they weren’t ghosts? Either way, Chang nearly lost what’s left of his sanity and his madness over the possibility of nonexistence set up my favorite joke of the entire season (again, have to watch till the end of the episode).


Elementary was pretty solid, although nothing so very special. Last week, the asshat Lestrade returned to try and muck up Sherlock and Joan’s investigation of a hotel bombing with his massive ego and not so powerful wit. His involvement in the case ended up being rather complex and interesting, and he finally came to terms a bit with his bumbling, which made Sherlock check his own ego (Lestrade was, for once, a good bro). The mystery, a slightly too detailed scheme involving a lot of financial mumbo jumbo, was nicely written most of the time, and made for some good “Sherlock is stumped” moments throughout the episode. Better than all that, though, was Sherlock’s attempt to rehabilitate fighting roosters (he got Watson to say cock and it was funny), an obvious but actually pretty fun metaphor running throughout the episode for Sherlock and Lestrade’s relationship. They are both cocks.

Internet friends, I am very happy, and look forward to this week, because if I’m not mistaken all my favorite shows are back on the air and it should be epic. I’m watching you, Whedon, I’m watching you.

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