This Week in Television: StarDate 4-21-14

April 23, 2014
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It was a sparse week of television for me, Internet friends, with some questionable story choices by my favorite programs, but not without a few standout moments. Last week, the Internet buzzed more and more about the How I Met Your Mother alternate ending, although still not much is known about what hopes to be a far better finale than fans were treated with some weeks ago. And diehard Community fans had to, yet again, say goodbye to the most meta television show ever (but will it return??). Joss Whedon fans were, as usual, confused, and Jonny Lee Miller fans (me) have to wait till Thursday night for another round of Sherlock vs. every criminal in NYC and probably London.

As said before, How I Met Your Mother creators and stars are currently feeding us TV slaves rumors of a new ending. Will the bitterness ever end?

TV Review: New Girl

New Girl was surprisingly good; my hat off to the writers for handling the Jess and Nick break up smoothly and alongside one of the weirdest things to ever happen on the show (oh my god Winston). The breakup followed the narrative convention of having Nick and Jess feign being fine, but of course not feeling fine, and that would have been weak on its own without an adjoining plot arc celebrating Winston’s acceptance into the police academy. For his celebratory evening, he requested of the gang a honey roast (like a comedy roast but with pleasant things being said), the perfect distraction for a distraught Nick. This led to Jess in a cat costume, Winston in a white tuxedo (sitting atop a makeshift throne), and a fair deal of drunken mayhem. It was neat. True, the breakup was not resolved, and this will continue to be sad, but the folks behind New Girl will continue to set up silly situations (now probably involving Schmidt tutoring Cece, who is strangely thick) to offset the heartbreak.

TV Review: Agents of SHIELD

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. was a beautifully orchestrated piece of television that made up for some of the more wacky reveals from the week before it. Last week, Coulson and his team renounced S.H.I.E.L.D. to steer clear of HYDRA, getting rid of their badges and scrubbing their identities clean (cue emotional moment where each character shows how much of their life they’ve given to their awesome spy organization). Garrett hunted down Raina and revealed himself as the Clairvoyant (she was as disappointed as I continue to be about this particular villain choice), and Ward said the phrase, “I’m everybody’s type,” or something equally egotistically badass (good villain choice!). Before putting away his badge, though, Coulson found a secret encoded message with coordinates (purportedly from Nick Fury) on it and forced the team to fly to cold-ass Canada. There, they discovered Providence, a secret S.H.I.E.L.D. base housing none other than Patton Oswalt. In true Joss Whedon fashion, he left us with a cliffhanger (oh no, Ward has charmed his way into Skye’s heart and therefore the base!), but not before giving Clark Gregg the chance to really shine as a down and out Coulson. This episode was his best, and acted as a reminder of why we keep caring about the show. Good work, actor who plays Phil.

TV Review: Community

Then there was the season finale of Community, or, rather, the second part of the season finale (“Basic Story” was the first part of this two part arc, “Basic Sandwich” finishing it off). While filled with some super funny one liners and standout performances, the episode didn’t feel like a series finale (which it may end up being), not living up to the standard of the middle of the season or forcing Donald Glover to make a guest appearance (I miss him). It was definitely a good episode, but wasn’t totally satisfactory. In the episode, Annie and Abed, with the Dean, got the rest of the gang to infiltrate a hidden part of campus to find the mad professor Borchert (he had sex with a computer, supposedly), played as creepily as possible by Chris Elliot, and his golden treasure. Jeff and Britta couldn’t decide if they wanted to get married, and those two drunken board members tried to sell their school to Subway (they have names, and the bigger one can steal thoughts). So, yeah, the episode was filled with silliness of a high caliber (“Don’t worry, I’ve been drinking!”), but at curtain call the story felt unfinished, some of the character plots unresolved, the groundwork laid for a new season that may not even happen. At least we’ll always have “The Secret Door.”

Elementary fans have to wait till this Thursday for some more of that Jonny Lee Miller magic.

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