Lisa Kudrow: The Comeback Queen

January 21, 2015
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Lisa Kudrow: The Comeback Queen

I might be late to the party, but it’s never too late for The Comeback! Remember Phoebe Buffay from Friends? The quirky, weird one who was both lovable and scary?

Although Friends ended ages ago, not all the cast members went on to enjoy the same amount of fame as they did on the show. Monica is now on (the final season of) Cougar Town, which in its heyday was an amazing show. Joey is on the amazing Episodes, I’m not really sure what Rachel is up to, Chandler did a few sitcoms, Ross is totally MIA, but Phoebe… sweet, sweet Phoebe has surprised us all not only with the amazing Web Therapy but also with a comeback of The Comeback.

If you’re confused, let me explain. The Comeback first premiered on HBO in 2005 but aired only for one season. I dunno, maybe it just hit too close to home with the Hollywood types and they didn’t like the mirror The Comeback was holding up. But for some reason, almost 10 years later, here we are again, The Comeback returns!

Back in 2005, The Comeback was already biting and brilliant. Kudrow plays Valerie Cherish, an actress who was famous back in the 90s and will do anything to return to the glory of her ‘olden’ days. In 2005 she was asked to star in her own reality show – without really realizing the concept of a reality show – and she tries to control the whole thing so she comes out looking great but not really censoring herself either, thinking that the editors will edit out all the bad bits.

In the new series, she’s back and trying to pitch another reality show, this time claiming that she knows how it’s done (the more ‘drama’ the better). Obviously cringe-worthy hilarity ensues as our favorite has-been tries once again to make it in Hollywood. The thing is, at first you’re embarrassed for her, and truth be told, that never goes away. You’re always kinda embarrassed for her because she represents our darkest bits (if we let our dark bits roam free)… but that Valerie Cherish, she just never gives up. She’s constantly looking at the bright side and constantly trying and pushing and pulling and striving that after a while you’re there cheering her on. Because, dang it, she deserves to be a star. And sure you feel like knocking her for some of her choices but you also get to see how everyone in Hollywood is self-serving and will stop at nothing to get their way.

Honestly, if there’s any ‘new’ show you want to watch this year, go for The Comeback, because not only is it great, there is virtually no trace of Phoebe in it. Kudrow manages to build a new character so strong that you forget that she was airy, flaky Phoebe. It honestly is such a great performance from Kudrow and all the other cast members. Watch out for the shout out to The Groundlings in the show! Hilarious only because that’s where Lisa Kudrow got her start in comedy. Awesome!

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