Finally iZombie Arrives On TV

March 28, 2015
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Finally iZombie Arrives On TV

I have been waiting excitedly for the premier of iZombie ever since I knew that they were adapting the comic book of the same name (by Chris Roberson and Michael Allred) – well when I say ‘adapting’ I mean, they loosely based the show on the comic book – and by loosely, I mean they pretty much kept the name iZombie.

Yes, Liv Moore is not your regular Walking Dead type zombie – which depending on what level of zombie purist you are, can be good or bad. For me, I prefer my zombies rotting and after my brains but I’m open to this kind of zombie as well, especially since showrunner Rob Thomas was also the same person who created Veronica Mars. No doubt Veronica Mars was pure awesomeness, so I’m keeping an open mind for a few episodes at least.

iZombie centers around Liv Moore (played by Rose McIver), a dedicated, type A, medical student who gets scratched by a zombie at a party. She wakes up dead – or rather undead and starts craving brains. In order to keep her new zombie life under control, she quits med school, dumps her loving fiance, and takes up at as a medical examiner in a mortuary so she can feast of the brains of the already dead. Then she realizes that every time she eats the brains of the dead she also absorbs some of their memories, which she uses to help solve crime!

Yes, this is zombie police procedural. The premise is pretty much insane but then again, so was a teenage high schooler who killed vampires in her free time, or waitress who could read minds and loves vampires, and high school chemistry teacher who turns to making meth. So this one might be taking a step too far to the left, but I have hope in Rob Thomas.

So far, iZombie has elements of Veronica Mars (hello monologue narration!) but still, I like that all the supporting characters actually have things to do, and seem to have the slight geekiness that makes for great sidekicks. And Rose McIver seems to have settled into her role as Liv Moore and plays the new zombie still learning to cope with her new plight stunningly. So far so good. I am not totally bowled over, but then again, that’s probably because I was hoping for more, uh, ‘traditional’ zombie-ish-ness, instead of noodles, brains and hot sauce.

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