Review: The Legend of MusclesGlasses

January 31, 2014
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Five months ago, some time after the character MusclesGlasses (played by Alex Perrault, one of the founders of Epic Meal Time) disappeared from Epic Meal Time’s weekly episodes, a trailer appeared on YouTube announcing a new web series: The Legend of MusclesGlasses. On January 22, Harley Morenstein, the head honcho and host of the cooking show, published a video about the new series, and a day later, the first episode went online. And it was stupid awesome.

Watching Epic Meal Time has been one of my weekly rituals since the show appeared a couple years back. I was bereaved when the MusclesGlasses character vanished, excited when he made a comeback (devouring a “Boss Bacon Burger”) and even sadder when the actor/personal trainer decided to leave the show for educational purposes (probably a good move for his cholesterol). The character, who guzzled shots of bacon grease, drank out of bacon mugs, and apparently had a detachable knife for a penis, was idiotically brilliant, and his absence has marked a slight decline in the ridiculousness factor of EMT.

The Legend of MusclesGlasses

However, fans of MusclesGlasses should crack a meaty grin, as the legend is back and, in the hands of Morenstein and his creative team (Epic Meal Time is a legit business somehow), actually pretty quality. According to Morenstein, the character has always been like Batman and the Terminator to the man, who is a huge comic book, action film, and videogame fan. As such, the MusclesGlasses shorts remind us of the dumbest but classically rad action media. Also, it borrows heavily from James Bond and, inadvertently, Doctor Who, in that it’s infused with lore capable of allowing any actor to portray the drunken behemoth that is MusclesGlasses.

Morenstein explains in his PSA regarding the creative decisions behind the series that the power of MusclesGlasses comes from the signature aviator sunglasses that appear across the span of human history, bequeathing unto others their bacon-magic. The first episode chronicles the glasses in the 70s, as they give their power to a big dude who is able to best a bunch of thugs harassing a woman (there is, of course, a twist, giving meaning to the title: “Wingman”). It’s pretty silly, but unequivocally awesome.

As I wrote some time ago, Epic Meal Time stands out on the Internet as a gross treasure trove of surprisingly original content. Its success derives from an unceasing allegiance to bunches of content, all of it extremely entertaining. Morenstein, who narrates the show, is always coming up with more stuff to throw online, so there is never a moment lost; not all of the Epic Meal Time compendium is great, but it keeps coming, which counts a lot on the Internet. And it’s got that the charm of being every man’s food fantasies birthed right there on your YouTube viewer. It’s friendship and bacon.

The Legend of MusclesGlasses

I’ve shown the show to a lot of people, and many scoff at it, saying it’s too ridiculous or dumb. But it’s that obnoxious, obvious humor that makes the show so good, in that no one does it as big as Epic Meal Time. And episodes range from two to five minutes generally; it’s not like you have to sit through an hour of dudes flipping bacon in slow motion. To me, the show, and the others attached to it (Epic Chef, Epic Gaming Time, Handle It, and now The Legend of MusclesGlasses), lampoon serious media and give the world a little blast of divine douchebaggery at a steady pace. Like it or not, the dudes at Epic Meal Time are killing it.

I definitely suggest popping over to your local Internets and enjoying the first episode of The Legend of MusclesGlasses, and while you’re at it, take a gander at reruns of Epic Chef. And, as usual, binge on some classic Epic Meal Time, but don’t try any of it at home, unless you want your kitchen to smell like a volcanic meat explosion (I want that). Seriously, though, make a bacon weave. They are more useful than you’d think.

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