You Don’t Have to be Crazy to be Single

January 26, 2014
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Every so often, we all feel the desire to be with someone. Not just sex but to feel someone holding you tight, gentle breath on your neck as you sleep, the support of a partner and the companionship of a lover; but sometimes we accept this with our eyes half open.

Unless you are a major player, a rousing success with the ladies, we all feel the sting of loneliness every once in a while when we are single. Is it always it that bad though or a case of the grass seeming greener on the other side?

You Don't Have to be Crazy to be Single
For the last time, I’M HAPPY!!!

When you are single, sure, you do not share those special moments or occasions with anyone, nor do you have someone with you who has complete faith and trust in you, supporting you in most everything you do… however you also answer to no one and you can stay out drinking with whomever you want as late as you want. Fancy a bet? You can gamble away every cent if you so wish. You can go where you like, do what you want to do, see who you want to see and ignore those you dislike.

You never answer the impossible questions like “Is she prettier than me?” or “Do I look fat?” Those perennial ball busters like “Why is it me who seems to make all the effort?” or “What have they got that I don’t?” Those questions put to those of us in a relationship, which we know, regardless of whether we answer or not, have no right answer and which will ensure the silent treatment for a good long while.

Then again, you do have a partner, a friend, a (usually) trusted confidante, and, let’s be honest, sex pretty much on tap. Is the alternative even worth considering?

Being single can be the greatest blessing or the biggest curse in the world, but in all honesty it’s really all about the mindset.

We are not all Brad Pitt lookalikes, nor do we all have the discourse and conversational banter of a great charmer, but even if you are as ugly as sin and have no people skills whatsoever, that’s not to say fun can’t be had when you are single. There are always women (often very nice ones) willing to meet men, whether they are shy, unattractive or weird. Remember women’s brains work differently. An ugly caring listener is more often far more popular than a handsome chauvinist.

Also though, being single is not just about meeting lots of women. You can spend as much time in the bar with your friends as you like, guilt free. You can decorate the home or dress yourself exactly how you want with no recourse; you can spunk as much money on games, gadgets, toys and cars as you like, it is your money after all. You holiday where you want, see the film you want to see, drink the wine you prefer.

Singledom may seem grim (especially to those stuck in it)… but is it?

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  1. Being single too long makes me think I need someone, but as soon as I’m in a relationship I remember why I hate them and go back to being happily single.

  2. The norwegians have it right, relationships with three other people – someone to love, someone to screw, and someone to have a family with

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